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  • Whitehouse Day Nursery (Oakwood)

    Whitehouse Day Nursery (Oakwood) is a safe and well-equipped nursery in Morley, East Midlands. With vigilant staff, consistently good teaching, and excellent parent partnerships, children have fun while learning. The nursery's clear vision and happy, settled environment make it an ideal choice for parents.
  • White House Kids Club

    White House Kids Club is a nursery school located in Ockbrook and Borrowash. With strong leadership and motivated staff, we provide a safe and secure environment for children aged 2-14 years. Our high expectations, individualized planning, and effective partnerships with parents ensure positive learning experiences for all.
  • Ducklings Nursery Sandiacre

    Ducklings Nursery Sandiacre provides a secure and enjoyable atmosphere for children aged 0.3-5 years, fostering their development through play-based learning. With a small, dedicated team, we offer rewarding and pleasurable early years education, ensuring your child gets the most out of their time at nursery.
  • Breaston Manor Day Nursery

    Breaston Manor Day Nursery is a welcoming and inclusive nursery in Breaston, East Midlands. With a strong focus on children's personal development and welfare, the nursery provides a range of experiences for children to lead their own learning. Parents highly recommend the nursery and appreciate the close bonds formed with their child's key person.
  • The Rocking Horse Nursery

    The Rocking Horse Nursery is a well-established nursery in Erewash, East Midlands. With strong leadership and experienced staff, children are provided with a happy and settled environment to thrive. The nursery values positive partnerships with parents and offers regular outings for children. It has been rated as Good by Ofsted, ensuring quality teaching, learning, and personal development.
  • Children 1st @ Derby Road

    Children 1st @ Derby Road is a highly regarded nursery in Long Eaton, providing exceptional care for children aged 0.2-12 years. With a family-run ethos and a team of experienced staff, we offer a nurturing and engaging environment for your child's social and academic development. Our outstanding Ofsted ratings and positive parent feedback reflect our commitment to providing a high standard of care and education.
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  • Nightingale Nursery Sawley

    Nightingale Nursery Sawley is a well-established nursery in Long Eaton, Sawley. With a strong focus on child development, the nursery provides excellent care and learning opportunities for children aged 0-8 years. Highly acclaimed by parents, the nursery offers a nurturing environment with dedicated staff who foster strong relationships with each child.
  • Children 1st @ Main Street

    Children 1st @ Main Street is a highly regarded nursery located at 18a Main Street, Long Eaton. With a strong focus on child safety and happiness, our experienced staff create a positive learning environment. Our nursery offers a healthy food menu and has received outstanding ratings from Ofsted.
  • Pines Private Day Nursery (The)

    Pines Private Day Nursery (The) is a well-regarded nursery in Erewash, East Midlands. With a good Ofsted rating, the nursery offers high-quality care and educational experiences for children aged 0-7. The dedicated staff focus on language development and work closely with professionals to support children's growth. Parents value the open and honest relationship with the nursery, ensuring a positive impact on their child's growth and learning.
  • Rydale Stanley Village Preschool

    Rydale Stanley Village Preschool is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Stanley, East Midlands. Led by experienced Headteacher Charleigh Thompson, our preschool offers a stimulating environment for children aged 0.3 to 5 years. With a focus on personalized learning and a small school size of 44 students, we ensure each child receives individual attention and support to thrive in their early years education.
  • Alphabet House Day Nursery

    Alphabet House Day Nursery is a caring and welcoming nursery in Long Eaton. With effective safeguarding measures, children feel safe and develop strong emotional attachments with staff. However, improvements are needed in the consistency of education and extending children's learning opportunities.
  • The Lanes Day Nursery

    The Lanes Day Nursery is a caring and nurturing nursery located in West Hallam, East Midlands. With a strong focus on effective leadership and management, the nursery has made significant improvements since its last inspection. The dedicated staff work closely with parents to ensure each child makes good progress in their learning, and the nursery provides a safe and supportive environment for children aged 0-4 years.
  • The Elms Nursery

    The Elms Nursery, located within Trent College, is a nurturing and engaging early years environment for children aged 0.2-4 years. Led by Lucy Savage, a dedicated Assistant Head EYFS and Infants, our school provides a small class size atmosphere with a focus on personalized attention. Established in 2011, we prioritize each child's individual needs to promote their growth and development.
  • Children 1st @ Oakwood

    Children 1st @ Oakwood is a family-run nursery offering high-quality care for children aged 0.2-5 years. With a highly skilled team and exceptional ratings from Ofsted, parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is in a nurturing and engaging learning environment.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Erewash

  • Kingfisher Day Nursery

    Kingfisher Day Nursery is a well-established nursery in Spondon, Derby. With attentive staff and good quality teaching, children receive purposeful learning experiences. The nursery maintains strong partnerships with parents through informative communication. With clear plans for further development, Kingfisher Day Nursery provides a nurturing environment for children aged 0.3 to 11 years.
  • Kingfisher Day Nursery

    Kingfisher Day Nursery is a well-established nursery located in Derby. With good overall effectiveness, the nursery offers a structured routine and engaging activities for children aged 2-11. Staff build positive relationships and effectively assess children's next steps in learning, ensuring good progress in all areas of development.
  • Busy Bees Day Nursery at Derby Oakwood

    Busy Bees Day Nursery at Derby Oakwood provides engaging learning opportunities and high-quality childcare for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a bright and motivating learning environment, effective preparation for school, and strong relationships with parents, our nursery ensures every child receives the best start to their education.
  • Shardlow Hall Private Day Nursery

    Shardlow Hall Private Day Nursery is a nurturing and stimulating nursery in Shardlow, East Midlands. With a strong focus on child development, the nursery offers individualised attention and a diverse environment where children learn about different religions and celebrations. Parents can expect their children to feel safe, confident, and challenged in their learning journey.
  • First Friends PDN

    First Friends PDN is a welcoming and inclusive nursery in Chaddesden, Derby. With a passionate management team, the nursery promotes personal, social, and emotional development. Children make good progress and learn important social skills in a nurturing environment. Limited capacity allows for close bonds between staff, children, and parents.
  • White House Day Nursery Alvaston

    White House Day Nursery Alvaston is a Good nursery located in Derby, East Midlands. With a dedicated and experienced staff, the nursery provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0-5 years. The practitioners focus on creating an inviting atmosphere and planning enjoyable activities. They also work closely with parents and professionals to ensure the best outcomes for children's development and well-being.