Who is Snobe

Snobe.co.uk is the only free and comprehensive school directory in England. We offer detailed information on over 58,000 schools and nurseries. Each listing provides in-depth insights such as Ofsted/ISI reports, photos, videos, parent reviews, and admission details, helping families select the best educational setting for their children.

Our Story

In England, no website offered comprehensive information on schools for free. Parents were paying monthly subscriptions just to access basic school data, which should be readily available as it's collected from public datasets provided by government entities.

We believed this wasn't fair. Why should parents have to pay just to access basic educational data that could determine the right school for their child?

This realization sparked the creation of Snobe. We embarked on a mission with a clear and simple goal: to provide in-depth, comprehensive school data at no cost to parents.

Our Impact

Over 1.5 million parents

accessed school data for free through Snobe in 2023

£10 - £15 monthly saved

by parents after using Snobe instead of paid platforms

Our Values

How We're Helping Parents

Brand Vision