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Our search tool helps you find the best grammar schools in your area based on your postcode and preferred distance. Discover the unique opportunities available at grammar schools, including high academic standards, selective admissions, extracurricular opportunities, and a supportive community of staff and fellow students.

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A grammar school is a type of secondary school that admits students based on academic ability, as determined by an entrance exam called the 11-plus. They typically provide a more rigorous academic program than other types of schools.
Preparing for the grammar school entrance exam can involve a range of strategies, such as taking practice tests, using study guides, and enrolling in tutoring programs. You can find more information on our search tool, including recommendations for local tutoring services.
Grammar schools are designed for academically gifted students, but they also provide opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many grammar schools have outreach programs to encourage applications from a diverse range of students.
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