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        Madani Girls' School

        Madani Girls' School is a secondary school in Blaby District, East Midlands. Founded in 2007, the school offers a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for girls aged 11-16. With a student-teacher ratio of 16:1, the school focuses on academic excellence while providing outstanding personal development opportunities. The school has been rated as 'Good' by Ofsted, and its strong leadership and management ensure a safe and supportive environment. Madani Girls' School has a track record of excellent exam results, with 67% of students achieving Grade 5 or above in English & maths GCSEs in 2019. As a Muslim school, Madani Girls' School also promotes religious values and cultural awareness.
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      • Jameah Academy

        Jameah Academy is a Muslim girls' school located in Blaby District, East Midlands. Established in 2001, the school offers a middle deemed secondary education for students aged 5-16 years. With a student population of 201, Jameah Academy provides a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. The school has received a Good rating from Ofsted, highlighting its effective leadership, high-quality teaching, and outstanding personal development opportunities for pupils. Additionally, Jameah Academy meets independent school standards and has consistently shown strong progress and improvement. Parents can expect their daughters to thrive academically and develop excellent attitudes and behavior at Jameah Academy.
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      • Sir Jonathan North College

        Sir Jonathan North College is an exceptional girls' secondary school in Leicester and Leicestershire. With a strong focus on inclusivity, achievement, and a well-balanced curriculum, our students graduate as confident young ladies with great academic credentials and essential personal skills.
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      • Leicester High School for Gilrs

        Leicester High School for Girls is a prestigious Church of England all-through school, providing exceptional education for girls aged 3-18. With a strong focus on academic excellence and a Christian culture, the school offers a progressive curriculum that prepares students for university and beyond. With a low student to teacher ratio, scholarships and SEN support, Leicester High School nurtures each girl to reach her full potential and become a confident, well-rounded young woman.
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      Schools Nearby Blaby District

      • Loughborough High School

        Loughborough High School is a secondary school in Loughborough, East Midlands. Founded in 1980, it offers a Christian education for girls aged 11-18. With a strong focus on academics, the school provides various scholarships and support for students with special educational needs. The school has a sixth form and consistently achieves excellent exam results, with a high percentage of students achieving top grades.
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