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    Madani Boys School

    Madani Boys School is a secondary school located in Evington Valley, Blaby District. With a focus on providing a warm and welcoming learning environment, the school is dedicated to delivering a good quality education for boys aged 11-16. The leadership team ensures that students feel safe and enjoy coming to school, while the knowledgeable and committed staff support both the most able and disadvantaged pupils in making good progress. With an overall grade of B- from Ofsted, Madani Boys School offers a positive educational experience for parents seeking a Muslim faith-based education for their sons.
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  • Jameah Boys Academy

    Jameah Boys Academy is an all-through school providing a good-quality education for boys aged 5-16. With a broad curriculum and effective arrangements for pupil safety, the school offers a nurturing environment that focuses on personal development and welfare. However, some incidents of unacceptable behavior and bullying have been identified by a minority of pupils.
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  • Darul Uloom Leicester

    Darul Uloom Leicester is a secondary boarding school for boys aged 11-23. With a Good rating from Ofsted, the school provides a quality education, focusing on the personal development and behavior of its students. Founded in 1994, it offers a supportive environment and meets independent school standards. The school's exam results, including a 5.36 average point score for the EBacc at KS4 and an average points score of 12.5 for A-levels, showcase its commitment to academic success.
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  • Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Boys School

    Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Boys School is an outstanding all-boys school in Leicester. With a strong focus on character development, high academic expectations, and a welcoming atmosphere, our school provides a nurturing environment for boys aged 9-16. Our expert staff and exemplary behavior ensure that pupils flourish and are well-prepared for life in modern Britain.
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Schools Nearby Blaby District

  • Loughborough Grammar School

    Loughborough Grammar School is a prestigious all-boys boarding school in East Midlands, England. With a strong focus on academic excellence and character development, the school inspires young men to become lifelong learners and confident innovators. Offering a wide range of scholarships and support for students with special educational needs, Loughborough Grammar School provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for boys aged 10-19. With impressive exam results and a commitment to fostering achievement and empathy, this school is an ideal choice for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their sons.
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