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  • St Bernard's School, Louth

    St Bernard's School in Louth is a caring and committed all-through school, providing a strong and relevant curriculum with a personalised approach to education. With a focus on personal development and welfare, the school maintains a good standard of education and ensures positive relationships between staff and pupils. With effective safeguarding procedures and close monitoring of attendance, all students achieve well regardless of starting points. However, the school acknowledges the need for further refinement of assessment systems and a review of the existing absence monitoring system.
    St Bernard's School, Louth
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Schools Nearby Louth

  • The Horncastle St Lawrence School

    The Horncastle St Lawrence School is a well-managed and nurturing school located in Horncastle, East Midlands. With a low student-teacher ratio of 9:1, the school provides individual attention to its students aged 5-16. The school places a strong emphasis on safeguarding, ensuring that all pupils achieve well regardless of their background. Despite some challenges in temporary leadership changes, the school is committed to empowering its staff and creating positive outcomes for its pupils.
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  • Springwell Alternative Academy Mablethorpe

    Springwell Alternative Academy Mablethorpe is an inclusive all-through school providing education for students aged 4-16. Led by Mrs Lisa Ashcroft-Day, the school offers a nurturing and supportive environment where every child can thrive. With a small class size of 24 students, individual attention is guaranteed. The school also caters to students with special educational needs, ensuring their specific requirements are met. Additionally, 12% of students are eligible for free school meals, highlighting the school's commitment to supporting all families.
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  • The Eresby School, Spilsby

    The Eresby School, Spilsby is an all-through co-ed school that provides a warm and friendly learning environment. With a student-teacher ratio of 7:1, pupils flourish and achieve exceptionally well. The school has high expectations for students, effective safeguarding arrangements, and offers excellent personal development opportunities. With a well-planned curriculum and inclusive approach, the school ensures that every student receives a suitable education based on their individual needs.
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