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  • The Ark Centre

    The Ark Centre is a specialized nursery in Springfield, East of England, providing effective intervention and critical support for autistic children. With a multidisciplinary approach including ABA, SLT, and OT, we offer therapy sessions that significantly improve the lives of both children and families. Established in 2016, our centre focuses on early intervention and skill development for children aged 2-5, preparing them for future learning opportunities.
    The Ark Centre
  • Holders Farm Kindergarten

    Holders Farm Kindergarten is a nursery located in Springfield, East of England. Established in 1997, the school provides a safe and secure environment for children aged 2-5 years. Although there are areas that require improvement according to the Ofsted report, children are happy and eager to attend, and staff effectively support their mathematical development.
    Holders Farm Kindergarten

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Springfield

  • Meadgate Nursery

    Meadgate Nursery is a good-quality nursery located in Great Baddow, providing children aged 2-5 with a nurturing environment to learn and develop. With dedicated staff and strong partnerships with parents, children at Meadgate Nursery make good progress in their learning and behavior.
  • Hillside Playcare

    Hillside Playcare is an outstanding nursery located in Little Waltham, East of England. With a focus on providing exceptional education and personal development for children aged 2-5 years, parents can trust that their child will receive the highest quality care and support at Hillside Playcare. With a recent improvement in inspection ratings, Hillside Playcare is dedicated to continuously improving and providing an outstanding learning environment for young children.
  • East Hanningfield Pre-school

    East Hanningfield Pre-school is a Welsh establishment located in East Hanningfield, East of England. Founded in 2009, this nursery provides a good quality of education and personal development for children. With a focus on safety and individual support, children have access to a broad range of exciting activities. Although there are areas for improvement in communication during lunchtime and providing clear messages about healthy eating, the staff team ensures children's uniqueness is understood and their attachments are secure.
    East Hanningfield Pre-school