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  • Kip McGrath Chelmsford North

    Kip McGrath Chelmsford North is a high-quality tutoring centre offering individualised instruction in English, math, and 11+ exam preparation. Our experienced teachers are committed to helping students reach their potential and build self-confidence. Located in Beaulieu Square, we provide essential support for children's educational needs.
  • The Ark Centre

    The Ark Centre is a specialized nursery in Springfield, East of England, providing effective intervention and critical support for autistic children. With a multidisciplinary approach including ABA, SLT, and OT, we offer therapy sessions that significantly improve the lives of both children and families. Established in 2016, our centre focuses on early intervention and skill development for children aged 2-5, preparing them for future learning opportunities.
    The Ark Centre
  • Rainbow Pre-School

    Rainbow Pre-School is a well-established nursery located in Chelmer Village, East of England. Founded in 1999, the school provides a nurturing environment where children are happy and settle quickly. With a good overall effectiveness rating from Ofsted, Rainbow Pre-School focuses on promoting communication skills, positive behavior, and personal development. The dedicated staff regularly update their knowledge for safeguarding and maintain strong partnerships with parents. Although there may be some areas for improvement, Rainbow Pre-School offers a caring and supportive foundation for children's early education.
  • Holders Farm Kindergarten

    Holders Farm Kindergarten is a nursery located in Springfield, East of England. Established in 1997, the school provides a safe and secure environment for children aged 2-5 years. Although there are areas that require improvement according to the Ofsted report, children are happy and eager to attend, and staff effectively support their mathematical development.
    Holders Farm Kindergarten
  • Tiddlywinks Day Nursery & Pre School

    Tiddlywinks Day Nursery & Pre School is a caring and approachable nursery located in Springfield, East of England. With a focus on keeping children safe and developing their physical skills, the dedicated staff ensure a nurturing environment where children build strong relationships and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Buttercup Montessori Kindergarten Ltd

    Buttercup Montessori Kindergarten Ltd offers top-notch childcare in Galleywood and Springfield, providing full-time and part-time daycare for children aged 0-5. With a focus on the Montessori philosophy and a caring, structured atmosphere, we aim to help children explore, develop, and reach their full potential.
    Buttercup Montessori Kindergarten Ltd
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  • Bright Horizons Chelmsford Day Nursery & Preschool

    Bright Horizons Chelmsford Day Nursery & Preschool is an outstanding nursery offering a nurturing and enriching environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a focus on personal development and outstanding education, our dedicated team ensures that each child flourishes and reaches their full potential. Offering inclusive packages and funded childcare options, we provide a holistic approach to early childhood education.
    Bright Horizons Chelmsford Day Nursery & Preschool
  • Springfield Stars Preschool

    Springfield Stars Preschool, located in Springfield Primary School, is a nurturing and inclusive nursery for children aged 2-4. Established in 2012, our dedicated team provides a stimulating and enriching learning environment, focusing on early years development and preparing children for primary education. We embrace diversity and have a strong emphasis on promoting social skills, creativity, and independence.
    Springfield Stars Preschool
  • You & Me Pre-School

    You & Me Pre-School is an outstanding nursery in Springfield. With a focus on providing high-quality education and personal development, our experienced staff create a nurturing environment for young children. We are proud to offer exceptional leadership and management, ensuring the best start for your child's educational journey.
  • Explore Learning Chelmsford

    Explore Learning Chelmsford offers personalized maths and English tuition, tailored to each child's individual needs. With expert tutors who are trained in current teaching methods, the centre aims to support children in reaching their potential and achieving success in school. Their comprehensive 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering provides preparation for grammar and independent school entrance exams. Open 5 days a week, Explore Learning Chelmsford is committed to complementing and supporting school education.
  • Jesters Kids Club CIC

    Jesters Kids Club CIC is a friendly and professional nursery in Beaulieu, Springfield. With a stimulating learning environment and a strong emphasis on promoting language skills, Jesters provides a solid foundation for children's development. With a range of activities to build physical skills and effective safeguarding arrangements, parents can trust that their child is in good hands at Jesters Kids Club CIC.
  • Scallywags Nursery Chelmsford

    Scallywags Nursery Chelmsford is an outstanding nursery in East of England. With a well-organised and evaluated environment, children receive excellent care and education. The nursery focuses on promoting children's physical, emotional, and social growth through open-ended materials and engaging activities. Parents can trust in the safe and effective staff recruitment and enjoy the delightful story times provided by the dedicated team.
    Scallywags Nursery Chelmsford
  • Beaulieu Park Day Nursery

    Beaulieu Park Day Nursery is a safe and nurturing nursery located in Springfield, East of England. With a focus on positive behavior, physical development, and continuous improvement, children are provided with a calm and supportive environment. The nursery offers nutritious meals and snacks, and ensures effective support for children learning English and those with additional funding.
  • Allstar Community Academy - The Activity Club Beaulieu Park

    The Allstar Community Academy - The Activity Club Beaulieu Park is a nursery located in Springfield, East of England. Founded in 2018, it provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children in their early years. With a focus on activities and community engagement, it offers a holistic approach to education and development.
  • Kumon Chelmsford North

    Kumon Chelmsford North is a nursery school providing individualized learning programs for children to reach their full potential. With a focus on developing self-learning abilities, students progress through manageable increments and gain confidence in their studies. Parents and instructors work together to support each child's academic success.
    Kumon Chelmsford North

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Springfield

  • Small Wonders Day Nursery

    Small Wonders Day Nursery is a high-quality childcare facility located in Chelmsford. With a safe and stimulating environment, experienced staff and a commitment to improving provision, we offer a nurturing space where children can thrive and make choices in their play. Recognized by Ofsted, we provide a sense of security and implement home learning strategies for children aged 0.3-12 years.
  • Springfield Bees Preschool

    Springfield Bees Preschool is a caring and secure environment where children can grow and learn through play. With effective partnerships and tailored provision, children make good progress, supported by an ambitious manager. Previous inspections have rated the school as good, with outstanding personal development and welfare.
    Springfield Bees Preschool
  • Lawn Lane Day Nursery School

    Lawn Lane Day Nursery School is an outstanding nursery with over 30 years of experience in child care and education. With a focus on providing the best possible start for your child, our dedicated team of educators and teachers ensure exceptional quality of education, personal development, and behavior. Trust us to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for your child's education and care.
    Lawn Lane Day Nursery School
  • Busy Bees At Springfield Chelmsford

    Busy Bees At Springfield Chelmsford is an outstanding nursery that provides high-quality childcare and engaging learning opportunities. Children are happy, confident, and make significant progress in their learning. The staff are nurturing and have high expectations of themselves and the children's achievement. Parents are actively involved in their child's learning. The nursery upholds the highest standards of care and safety.
    Busy Bees At Springfield Chelmsford
  • New Hall Nursery

    New Hall Nursery provides a language-rich environment where babies and toddlers settle easily and enjoy their time. With a focus on promoting diversity and inclusion, the nursery offers healthy meals, engaging outdoor activities, and partnerships with other professionals for holistic development.
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