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  • Mon Ami Children's Nursery @ Ormsby Lodge

    Mon Ami Children's Nursery @ Ormsby Lodge is a good nursery in Alford, East Midlands. With a strong focus on children's development and welfare, they provide exceptional childcare and education for children aged 0.2-11 years. Their dedicated staff work closely with parents to ensure children make good progress and have a nurturing environment to learn and play.
  • Qwackers Pre-School

    Qwackers Pre-School is a well-established nursery in Alford, East Midlands. With a strong focus on safeguarding and good behavior, children thrive in a supportive environment. Dedicated staff serve as positive role models and prioritize children's well-being. Continuous improvement efforts are underway to strengthen teaching practices. Join us for a nurturing and inclusive early learning experience.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Alford, East Lindsey

  • Skendleby Playgroup

    Skendleby Playgroup is a nursery located in Skendleby, East Midlands. Established in 1992, it provides a good quality of education for children in their early years. The playgroup focuses on building positive relationships, developing confidence and self-esteem, and providing excellent support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Sutton-on-Sea Sandcastles Preschool

    Sutton-on-Sea Sandcastles Preschool is a warm and welcoming nursery in Mablethorpe and Sutton. With a focus on individual needs, the dedicated staff provide a stimulating and safe environment for children to learn and grow. Excellent partnerships with parents and a focus on developing communication and language skills make this preschool a top choice for families.
  • Seashells Nursery

    Seashells Nursery is a happy and engaging nursery located in Mablethorpe, East Midlands. Staff provide a language-rich environment, encouraging thinking skills in children aged 2-4.11 years. The nursery maintains effective partnerships with other agencies and keeps parents well-informed about their children's development.
  • Smartie Pants Day Nursery

    Smartie Pants Day Nursery is a welcoming and friendly nursery in Mablethorpe and Sutton, East Midlands. With a focus on positive relationships and promoting positive behavior, our staff support children in learning important skills for the future. We also provide excellent support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Happitots Community Pre School

    Happitots Community Pre School is a well-established nursery located in Chapel St. Leonards. With a strong focus on supporting individual needs and promoting learning at home, the dedicated staff at Happitots ensure that every child makes good progress in their learning journey. The recent improvements in the garden offer more opportunities for physical skills development. The manager and staff work collaboratively with parents and the host school to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children.
  • Spilsby Playgroup

    Spilsby Playgroup is a nurturing and welcoming nursery located in Spilsby, East Midlands. With a strong leadership team and dedicated staff, we provide high-quality early years education in a warm and welcoming environment. We prioritize individualized care and education, ensuring smooth transitions and close partnerships with parents. Our excellent outdoor area and partnerships with Youth Music offer meaningful experiences for children. Join us to provide your child with the foundations of education in a supportive and inclusive setting.
  • Buttons Kindergarten

    Buttons Kindergarten is a nursery in Spilsby that was founded in 2015. Although the recent Ofsted report indicates areas of improvement, parents appreciate the care their children receive and the overall behavior of the children. The nursery has a designated special educational needs coordinator and regularly practices emergency procedures to ensure safety.
  • Buttons Daycare Nursery

    Buttons Daycare Nursery is a thriving nursery in Spilsby, East Midlands. With a strong focus on creating a safe and stimulating environment, our dedicated staff support children's personal development and ensure their welfare. Our robust recruitment procedures give parents peace of mind. We are committed to continuous improvement and providing quality education for all children.
  • Red Hen Day Nursery

    Red Hen Day Nursery is an outstanding nursery in Legbourne, East Midlands. With a strong focus on individuality and social skills, the school provides excellent care and education. Their commitment to the environment and fostering a love for nature sets them apart. Parents can trust in the dedicated and upbeat staff to provide a positive and rewarding experience for their children.
  • Sunshine Day Nursery And Out Of School Club

    Sunshine Day Nursery And Out Of School Club is a caring and inclusive nursery in Burgh Le Marsh. With personalised care and education, they focus on each child's strengths and interests. Their dedicated team of practitioners create a warm and nurturing environment, ensuring children feel safe, secure, and listened to. They offer flexible childcare options and prioritize the development and wellbeing of each child, fostering a love for learning and building confidence.
  • Great Kids Club

    Great Kids Club is a nursery located in Great Steeping, East Midlands. Founded in 2016, it offers a good overall education for children. With a focus on promoting self-esteem and forming secure relationships, the club ensures that children behave well and respect rules. The staff's strong partnerships with parents and the school contribute to the child's personal development and welfare.
  • Little Lambs Preschool

    Little Lambs Preschool is a nurturing daycare and nursery in Manby, East Midlands. With a maximum capacity of 18 children, our highly qualified team provides a safe, welcoming environment where kids aged 2-11 can explore, learn, and develop crucial life skills. Our hands-on approach includes activities like cooking, gardening, and creative projects with recycled materials, fostering a love for learning from an early age. Come and join our Little Lambs family today!
  • Young Stars Nursery

    Young Stars Nursery is a well-established nursery located in Butlins, Ingoldmells. Founded in 1994, the nursery offers a nurturing and stimulating environment where children thrive. With a good Ofsted rating, the nursery focuses on the overall development of children, ensuring their happiness, confidence, and personal growth. The dedicated staff carefully observe and plan next steps in learning, providing tailored support to children with special needs. The nursery values strong partnerships with parents and continuously evaluates and improves its practices to meet the needs of every child.
  • Lambs After School Club

    Lambs After School Club is a well-established nursery located in Grimoldby Primary School, East Midlands. With highly trained staff and a focus on creating positive relationships with parents, children feel valued and secure while developing their independence. With a good overall rating from Ofsted, Lambs After School Club is a trusted choice for parents seeking quality care and education for their children.
  • Little Lambs Pre-school

    Little Lambs Pre-school is a well-resourced nursery located in Grimoldby. With a highly qualified team and a focus on children's physical abilities and learning through play, it offers a safe and welcoming environment for children aged 2 to 11. The nursery encourages outdoor activities and fosters partnerships with parents and professionals.
  • Spring Harvest

    Spring Harvest is a nursery located at the Butlins Family Entertainment Resort in Skegness, East Midlands. Founded in 1998, it offers high-quality early years education for children. With a focus on nurturing and development, Spring Harvest provides a safe and stimulating environment where children can grow and thrive.
  • Little Learners Pre-School

    Little Learners Pre-School is a welcoming nursery in Skegness. With a focus on independence and excellent manners, children are happy and settled. The staff provide a variety of learning experiences, adapting to support each child's needs. Safeguarding is a priority, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.
  • St Michael's Playgroup

    St Michael's Playgroup is a well-established nursery located in Louth, East Midlands. Founded in 1992, our playgroup offers a safe and nurturing environment for children during their early years. We prioritize the individual needs of each child and provide a stimulating curriculum that fosters their social, emotional, and cognitive development.
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There are 2 nurseries in Alford, East Lindsey, including 1 Day nursery.