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  • St Nicholas Day Nursery

    St Nicholas Day Nursery is a purpose-built day nursery in North Hykeham, Lincoln. With a focus on communication and language skills, our experienced staff provide a safe and engaging environment for children aged 0-5. Our good Ofsted rating reflects our commitment to quality teaching and the personal development of each child.
  • Prelude Nursery

    Prelude Nursery is a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for children aged 0.2-11 years. With a dedicated and experienced Nursery Manager, we provide a comfortable setting where young explorers can discover, research, and play. Our school has been serving families since 1996 and offers a range of age-appropriate activities to support each child's development. Join us at Prelude Nursery for a personalized and holistic education experience.
  • First Timers Pre School Day Nursery

    First Timers Pre School Day Nursery is a top-notch preschool and after-school program in Wellingore. With a good Ofsted report, the nursery provides a safe and secure environment where children develop essential skills for the future. The experienced staff create positive relationships and engage children in learning opportunities, ensuring their personal development. Highly recommended childcare for children aged 0.2-11 years.
  • Woodside Children's Nursery

    Woodside Children's Nursery is a well-established daycare and education center in Sleaford. With a focus on providing exceptional quality childcare, the nursery offers a secure, enjoyable, and loving environment for children aged 1-5 years. The dedicated staff, strong partnerships with parents, and engaging learning opportunities ensure children feel safe and thrive.
  • Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-School

    Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-School is a well-established nursery in Witham St. Hughs, East Midlands. With a dedicated team of qualified staff, they provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. Their clear vision for future development, high expectations, and good partnership with parents ensure that children make good progress and receive excellent care.
  • Park School Day Nursery Ltd

    Park School Day Nursery Ltd is a friendly and well-resourced nursery located in North Hykeham. With a dedicated team of staff, they provide a nurturing environment where children thrive and develop independence. The school has received a Good rating from Ofsted, demonstrating their effectiveness in leadership, teaching, and outcomes for children.
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  • Sleaford Day Nursery Ltd

    Sleaford Day Nursery Ltd is a well-established nursery in Sleaford, East Midlands. Since 2002, it has been providing quality education and care for children ages 0.1 to 11.11 years. Led by experienced manager Lia Ruddlesdin, the nursery offers a welcoming and nurturing environment to support children's early development and prepare them for their educational journey.
  • Angels Childcare

    Angels Childcare is a nursery located in North Hykeham, East Midlands. Although it was previously rated as good, recent inspections have found the provision to be inadequate, compromising children's well-being and education. Parents have expressed concerns about the lack of purposeful interactions and the safety of younger children. It is important for parents to consider these factors when choosing childcare for their little ones.
  • Little Lockets Nursery

    Little Lockets Nursery is a nurturing and safe environment where children aged 0.3-4.11 can thrive. With a focus on promoting safety, staff ensure children are hydrated, accidents are recorded and parents are involved. The nursery also supports children's development through positive behavior management, book engagement, and tailored support for less-confident children.
  • Rafa Kidzone

    Rafa Kidzone is a welcoming nursery in Cranwell, East Midlands. Established in 2014, our dedicated headteacher, Sonia Church, ensures a nurturing environment for children aged 0.6-14 years. With a focus on Special Educational Needs (SEN), we provide personalized support to help every child thrive. Join our close-knit community of 112 students.
  • Rainbow Day Nursery

    Rainbow Day Nursery is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Waddington, East Midlands. With a dedicated and passionate team led by Hollie Groome, our experienced Nursery Manager, we provide a positive and stimulating environment where children aged 0.3-5 years can thrive. Our Good Ofsted rating reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education, promoting good behavior, personal development, and effective leadership and management. We prioritize the development of communication and language skills through specialized training for our staff. Your child's well-being and progress are our top priorities at Rainbow Day Nursery.
  • Fun Farm Day Nursery

    Fun Farm Day Nursery is a welcoming and inclusive nursery in North Hykeham. With strong partnerships with parents, our dedicated staff ensure each child's individual needs are met. We provide a fun and stimulating environment where children make good progress in their learning and development.
  • First Steps Nursery

    First Steps Nursery is a well-resourced nursery located in East Midlands. With a good overall effectiveness and positive feedback from parents, the management team supports staff well in creating a welcoming environment for children. We focus on developing children's independence, curiosity, and excitement for learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.
  • Yellow Brick Road Daycare

    Yellow Brick Road Daycare is an outstanding nursery located in Metheringham, East Midlands. With a dedicated management team, high-quality teaching, and effective support for children with special educational needs, parents can trust that their child's development and well-being are in good hands.
  • Kid's Corner Day Nursery

    Kid's Corner Day Nursery is a small, family-run nursery in Metheringham, East Midlands. We provide a safe and stimulating environment where children aged 0-11 years receive quality care and education. With a focus on play-based learning, our dedicated team ensures every child feels respected and cherished.
  • Glebe Farm Nursery School

    Glebe Farm Nursery School is an outstanding nursery in the East Midlands. With skilled staff and a focus on active learning, children receive a fun and engaging environment to develop and explore. The nursery prioritizes family collaboration and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Children also have the opportunity to learn about food production and enjoy baking and bread-making.
  • Country Kids Day Nursery Sleaford

    Country Kids Day Nursery Sleaford is a well-regarded nursery in Sleaford, East Midlands. With a strong focus on personal development and behavior, children are happy and confident in the nurturing environment. Staff build strong relationships with children, providing a caring and supportive learning experience. The nursery's carefully designed curriculum ensures children thrive and make progress.
  • Yellow Brick Road, Bracebridge Heath

    Yellow Brick Road, Bracebridge Heath is a newly established nursery in Bracebridge Heath, East Midlands. With a clear vision for the future, the nursery provides a good quality education and promotes learning and development effectively. The staff are genuinely interested in the children, ensuring they arrive excited and happy. Healthy and nutritious meals are provided, while the overall effectiveness of the nursery is rated as good by Ofsted.
  • RAFA Kidz

    RAFA Kidz is a nursery located in RAF Digby, East Midlands. With a strong focus on children's happiness and independence, our experienced staff build emotional bonds with babies, ensuring confident communication. Our tailored curriculum and challenging outdoor environment provide an enriching education for children aged 0.3-12 years.