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Lincolnshire Admissions

To apply for your child's admission, visit


Nov 15, 2023

Star of application process

Lincolnshire start accepting application for admissions. Parents can start applying for a school online at


Jan 15, 2024

End of application process

The closing date for applications. Lincolnshire will class any application or change you make after this date as late.


Apr 16, 2024

Offer day

Emails to residents who applied online will be sent.

Letters to residents who applied using a paper application form will be sent.

Lincolnshire Holiday

Title Holiday Dates
Autumn Half Term Holidays 23rd Oct 2023 - 30th Oct 2023
Winter Holidays 21st Dec 2023 - 2nd Jan 2024
Spring Half Term Holidays 12th Feb 2024 - 16th Feb 2024
Spring Holidays 29th Mar 2024 - 15th Apr 2024
Summer Half Term Holidays 27th May 2024 - 31st May 2024
Summer Holidays 22nd Jul 2024 - 3rd Sep 2024

Lincolnshire Term Dates

Title Term Dates
Autumn Term 6th Sep 2023 - 22nd Oct 2023
Autumn Term-2 31st Oct 2023 - 20th Dec 2023
Spring Term 3rd Jan 2024 - 11th Feb 2024
Spring Term-2 17th Feb 2024 - 28th Mar 2024
Summer Term 16th Apr 2024 - 26th May 2024
Summer Term-2 1st Jun 2024 - 21st Jul 2024

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, 8 schools are free in Lincolnshire. 59.06% of pupils are known to be eligible for free school meals out of 110,445 pupils.

Total 0.92% of schools are currently judged to be good or outstanding by Ofsted in Lincolnshire. List of ofsted outstanding & good schools:

St George's Academy is Largest school in Lincolnshire with 2,351 pupils.

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