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  • Oakham School

    Oakham School is a prestigious co-educational boarding school located in Oakham, East Midlands. With a rich history dating back to 1902, the school offers a Middle Deemed Secondary education for students aged 9-18 years. Known for its Anglican values and diverse range of scholarships, including academic, artistic, athletic, and musical, Oakham School provides a nurturing environment for students to excel academically and develop their talents. With a dedicated and experienced Headteacher, Mr Henry Price, the school boasts impressive exam results, including a high percentage of students achieving AAB or higher at A-level. Oakham School also offers a welcoming community and various discounts and bursaries, making it an attractive choice for families seeking a holistic and supportive educational experience.
    Oakham School
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  • Brooke Priory School

    Brooke Priory School is a co-educational primary school located in Oakham, East Midlands. Established in 1989, it provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for children aged 2-11 years. With a small school size of 304 students, personalized attention is given to each child. The school offers scholarships, sibling discounts, and financial support for both new and existing pupils. With 10.8% of students receiving SEN support, Brooke Priory School ensures that every child's individual needs are met.
    Brooke Priory School
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Schools Nearby Oakham

  • Uppingham School

    Uppingham School is a prestigious Church of England secondary boarding school located in Uppingham, East Midlands. With a history dating back to 1949, it offers a co-ed education for students aged 13-18. The school takes pride in its academic scholarships and diverse range of scholarships in arts, sports, and sciences. Notably, 38.30% of A-level students achieved AAB or higher, showcasing the school's commitment to excellence.
    Uppingham School
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Oakham School & Brooke Priory School is ranked as best private school in Oakham.

Average private school fee is £4,219.00 in Oakham.

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