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Best State Secondary Schools in Ely

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  • Highfield Ely Academy

    Highfield Ely Academy is an all-through school in Ely, East of England. With a clear vision and effective leadership, the school provides a safe and nurturing environment for students aged 2-19. The small class sizes and low student-teacher ratio allow for individualized attention and support. While the curriculum content and assessment for new pathways require improvement, the school has a relentless drive to continuously improve teaching and learning. With a focus on inclusive education, Highfield Ely Academy supports students with moderate and severe learning difficulties. Despite some areas for development, the school maintains a good quality of education and aims to raise the quality of teaching and learning to outstanding through bespoke training.
    Highfield Ely Academy
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Schools Nearby Ely

  • The Harbour School

    The Harbour School is a thriving all-through school located in Wilburton, East of England. Led by Headteacher Mrs Lise Sugden, the school provides a nurturing environment for boys aged 5-16. With a small student population of 93, individual attention is prioritized. The school offers free school meals to 57% of students, ensuring accessibility and support for families. With English not being the first language for only 2.30% of students, language support is readily available. The Harbour School is dedicated to fostering academic growth and personal development in a caring and inclusive community.
    The Harbour School
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  • Highfield Littleport Academy

    Highfield Littleport Academy is an all-through school situated in Littleport, Cambridgeshire. With a student-teacher ratio of 10:1, the school provides a nurturing and secure environment for children aged 2-19 to thrive academically and personally. Offering a flexible curriculum and specialized educational programs, Highfield prepares students for their next step by instilling essential life skills. With a focus on individual progress and a welcoming atmosphere, Highfield is dedicated to ensuring every student achieves their full potential.
    Highfield Littleport Academy
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