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  • Inn Farm Private Day Nursery

    Inn Farm Private Day Nursery is an outstanding daycare centre in Melchbourne, Bedfordshire. With skilled staff and excellent partnerships with parents, children thrive in a natural environment, making excellent progress in their learning. A farm location offers unique opportunities for outdoor play and learning about animals.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Melchbourne and Yielden

  • Acorn Day Nursery (Sharnbrook)

    Acorn Day Nursery (Sharnbrook) is a Good nursery in Sharnbrook, East of England. With a focus on nature and sensory experiences, the nursery provides individualized care and education for children aged 0.4-4.11 years. Strong relationships with parents, support for children with special educational needs, and a commitment to outdoor play and learning make it a great choice for families.
    Acorn Day Nursery (Sharnbrook)
  • Kymbrook Pre-school

    Kymbrook Pre-school is a nurturing and inclusive nursery established in 1993. With a dedicated manager and effective partnership with parents, children thrive in an exciting learning environment. The school's strong focus on personal development and welfare ensures settled, happy, and well-behaved children.
    Kymbrook Pre-school
  • Bromham Fun Club

    Bromham Fun Club is a nursery located in Bromham, East of England. Founded in 2014, it provides a safe and nurturing environment for children during their early years. With a focus on fun and creativity, the club offers a range of stimulating activities and experienced staff to support your child's development.
  • Puddleducks Nursery & Pre-School

    Puddleducks Nursery & Pre-School is a nurturing and engaging early education center located in Colmworth. Established in 2021, our dedicated team of experienced educators fosters a love for learning in a safe and stimulating environment. We prioritize the individual needs and development of each child, providing a solid foundation for their future success.
    Puddleducks Nursery & Pre-School
  • Harrold Preschool

    Harrold Preschool is a well-established nursery located in Harrold, East of England. With a strong focus on building positive relationships with children and families, our dedicated staff provide a warm and supportive environment. We prioritize children's successful transition to school and have adapted our practices to ensure a smooth adjustment following COVID-19 absences. Our recent Ofsted report highlights our good overall effectiveness, quality education, behavior and attitudes, personal development, and leadership. We strive to provide the best learning experience for your child.
  • Dawn until Dusk Ltd at Harrold Lower School

    Dawn until Dusk Ltd at Harrold Lower School is an outstanding nursery located in Harrold, East of England. Founded in 2014, it provides a nurturing environment for children aged 3-4. With a met overall effectiveness rating by Ofsted, parents can trust in the high quality education and care their children receive.
  • Oakley Pre-School

    Oakley Pre-School is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Oakley, East of England. Established in 1993, our dedicated staff create a joy-filled environment where children can grow, develop, and thrive. We prioritize their safety and well-being, instilling confidence and providing opportunities for success.
    Oakley Pre-School
  • Carlton Pre-School

    Carlton Pre-School is a well-established nursery in Carlton and Chellington. With a strong working relationship with the local school, they provide a nurturing environment that considers the needs of younger children. Offering opportunities for children to learn at their own pace and teaching them to care for other living things, this pre-school ensures a holistic development for your child.
  • St Mark's Preschool

    St Mark's Preschool is a nurturing and supportive nursery located in Brickhill, East of England. With a focus on forming strong bonds with children, the dedicated staff use a flexible approach to help new learners settle in. The school promotes a keenness for learning and ensures effective safeguarding arrangements for every child.
    St Mark's Preschool
  • Little Step Day Care

    Little Steps Day Care is a family-run nursery in Bedford, providing high-quality care and education. Our dedicated team creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children can grow, learn, and play. With a focus on holistic development and discovery learning, we ensure that every child feels loved, supported, and valued from a young age.
  • Putnoe Woods Preschool

    Putnoe Woods Preschool is a nurturing and inclusive nursery in Bedford, East of England. With warm staff, strong partnerships with parents, and effective safeguarding measures, children aged 1-5 are supported to develop a love for learning in a caring and stimulating environment.
  • All Nations Pre-School

    All Nations Pre-School is an outstanding nursery located at All Nations Church in Bedford. With experienced leadership and exceptional relationships with parents, the nursery focuses on children's interests and supports their learning through imaginative experiences. Children make excellent progress, ensuring high-quality teaching and outstanding outcomes.
  • Bromham holiday fun club

    Bromham Holiday Fun Club is a vibrant and exciting nursery located at The Leslie Sell Scout Activity Centre in Bromham. Established in 2020, our nursery offers a fun and stimulating environment for children to grow and learn. Our Ofsted report highlights our overall effectiveness as meeting expectations, ensuring parents that their child's well-being and development are our top priorities.
  • Little Fishes Day Nursery

    Little Fishes Day Nursery is a purpose-built facility that provides high-quality care and education for children aged 6 weeks to under 6 years. Our warm and welcoming environment ensures both parents and children feel content, while our individualized care plans prioritize the unique needs of each child.
    Little Fishes Day Nursery
  • Almonds Pre-school

    Almonds Pre-school in Bromham offers a nurturing environment where children feel safe and behave well. With a language-rich curriculum that stimulates curiosity and develops speech skills, our friendly staff ensure your child's personal development. We have effective safeguarding arrangements in place to provide a secure learning environment.
    Almonds Pre-school
  • Busy Bees Day Nursery at Bedford

    Busy Bees Day Nursery at Bedford is a Good-rated nursery providing high-quality childcare and engaging learning opportunities for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a clear vision, dedicated staff, and effective arrangements for safeguarding, we prioritize each child's needs, interests, and emotional development. Join us for a head start on school preparation.
    Busy Bees Day Nursery at Bedford
  • Little Pilgrims

    Little Pilgrims is a nurturing nursery school located in Brickhill, East of England. With a dedicated headteacher and a founding year in 2012, it offers a high-quality education for children aged 0.3 to 7 years. The school provides a safe and supportive environment for young learners, fostering their development and preparing them for the next phase of their education.
  • Explore Learning Bedford

    Explore Learning Bedford offers personalized math and English tuition for children. With a tailored approach to each child's strengths and areas of development, our dedicated tutors provide close support and guidance. Conveniently located inside Clapham Road Sainsburys, we aim to inspire confident learners who are ready to excel in their education.
  • Putnoe Primary School Nursery

    Putnoe Primary School Nursery, located in Bedford, East of England, is committed to promoting the holistic development of children. With a focus on instilling British values, the nursery provides a safe and inclusive environment where children can freely express their opinions and learn about different cultures and religions. Through a comprehensive curriculum and respectful interactions, Putnoe Primary School Nursery prepares children for their future with an emphasis on tolerance, respect, and personal freedoms.
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