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  • Springfield Farm Day Nursery

    Springfield Farm Day Nursery is a well-established nursery in Charlesworth, East Midlands. With a dedicated and experienced staff, the nursery provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0.3-11 years. Parents can enjoy a fully immersive experience with regular updates, photos, and easy communication through our innovative app. We prioritize the individual needs of each child while promoting their personal development and imagination.
  • Simmondley Pre-School

    Simmondley Pre-School is a nursery located in Charlesworth, East Midlands. Established in 1970, it provides a good quality education for children aged 2 to 4 years. With a positive atmosphere, high expectations, and a focus on independence and key skills, children thrive in this nurturing environment.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Charlesworth

  • Kinderview Childrens Day Nursery Ltd

    Kinderview Childrens Day Nursery Ltd is an outstanding nursery located in Glossop, East Midlands. With a commitment to high-quality care and education, they provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for children aged 0-5. Led by experienced and well-qualified staff, children make excellent progress in all areas of learning and development. The nursery prioritizes the emotional well-being of children through a key-person approach and successful partnerships with parents. Overall, Kinderview Nursery offers exceptional care and support for children's early years.
  • Wind In The Willows

    Wind In The Willows is a nurturing nursery in Gamesley, High Peak. With a warm and caring staff, children are happy and settle quickly. They make good progress and staff work closely with parents to ensure their learning needs are met. Safeguarding is a top priority.
  • Natural Explorers @ Simmondley Primary School

    Natural Explorers @ Simmondley Primary School is an outstanding nursery located in High Peak, East Midlands. With a focus on providing a nurturing and loving environment, we offer children aged 2 to 4 years the essential skills they need for lifelong learning. Our dedicated team encourages curiosity and instills a love of exploration in every child.
  • Gamesley Early Excellence Centre

    Gamesley Early Excellence Centre is a local authority nursery school located in Gamesley, High Peak. We are dedicated to providing high-quality learning experiences for children aged 2-5. Our hard-working staff team creates a positive environment for growth and independence. Come visit us and see the difference!
  • The Catch St James Care Provision Ltd

    The Catch St James Care Provision Ltd is a nursery located at St. James C of E Primary School in High Peak. Founded in 2007, it provides quality care and education for children in their early years. With a focus on meeting the individual needs of each child, the school offers a safe and nurturing environment for learning and growth.
  • Little Beaver Childcare Limited

    Little Beaver Childcare Limited is a nursery located in High Peak, East Midlands. Founded in 2003, it offers childcare services for young children. However, the school has received an inadequate rating from Ofsted, with concerns about the emotional needs of children, lack of choice in learning, and ineffective safeguarding arrangements. Parents should consider these factors when choosing a childcare provider.
  • South View Day Nursery

    South View Day Nursery is a vibrant and engaging childcare facility that prioritizes the quality of education, children's well-being, and physical development. With a dedicated staff and effective safeguarding measures, parents can trust South View to provide a secure and nurturing environment for their children's growth and development.
  • North View Day Nursery

    North View Day Nursery is a well-established nursery in High Peak offering excellent childcare for children aged 0 months to 5 years. With knowledgeable staff and effective safeguarding arrangements, we provide a secure and exciting environment where children are encouraged to share their thoughts and reach their full potential.
  • St Mary's Preschool

    St Mary's Preschool, founded in 1985, is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located at St. Marys RC Primary School. Our dedicated staff provide a stimulating environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. We value every child's unique abilities and offer specialized support for children with special educational needs (SEN).
  • Glossop Centre Creche

    Glossop Centre Creche is a reputable nursery located in High Peak, East Midlands. Established in 1994, we have been providing exceptional care and education to children during their early years. Our dedicated staff create a nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow. We prioritize the individual needs of each child and offer a wide range of activities and experiences to promote their development and school readiness.
  • Kip McGrath Glossop

    Kip McGrath Glossop is a reputable education center in High Peak, East Midlands. With experienced and certified teachers, we provide personalized English and math tutoring for children aged 5 to 16. Our goal is to enhance academic growth, close knowledge gaps, and instill confidence in every student. Join us for tailored learning plans and exam preparation in a supportive environment.
  • Little Stars Private Day Nursery

    Little Stars Private Day Nursery is a welcoming and nurturing environment for children aged 0-5. With qualified and knowledgeable staff, they provide effective teaching and learning, while ensuring personal development and welfare. Communication with parents is excellent, and the nursery offers delicious and nutritious meals prepared by an award-winning chef. The spacious outdoor playground and engaging educational activities make Little Stars an ideal choice for your child's early years education.
  • Hadfield Nursery School

    Hadfield Nursery School is an outstanding local authority nursery school in High Peak, East Midlands. Led by Mr Kenneth Weed, it offers a stimulating and language-rich environment for children aged 2-5 years. With an extensive curriculum promoting literacy and numeracy, outstanding teaching tailored to individual needs, and a focus on emotional well-being, the school provides a fun and engaging learning experience. The school has a strong focus on safeguarding and building effective relationships with adults, ensuring the safety and respect of all students. As a beacon of early years excellence, Hadfield Nursery School is committed to continuous improvement and is supported by an enthusiastic governing body.
  • Merseybank Nursery

    Merseybank Nursery is a nurturing and stimulating nursery located in High Peak, East Midlands. With a strong focus on children's enjoyment and achievement, the nursery ensures high standards of teaching and learning, fostering independence, confidence, and self-awareness. The school has a positive relationship with parents and provides a bright and engaging environment that motivates learning.
  • All Saints Preschool

    All Saints Preschool is a highly-rated nursery in Old Glossop, offering high-quality care and education for children aged two and a half to five. With skilled staff, stimulating learning environments, and a focus on personal development and welfare, we provide the ideal foundation for your child's early years.
  • Busy Bunnies Day Nursery

    Busy Bunnies Day Nursery is a warm and caring nursery that provides a well-equipped and spacious environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a child-centered approach and a focus on their interests, our dedicated staff ensure that each child's needs are met to the highest standards. We offer a range of engaging play opportunities, promote physical development, and prepare children for school readiness.
  • Hayfield Fun Club

    Hayfield Fun Club is a well-established nursery located in the heart of Hayfield. With a supportive and purposeful leadership, the nursery promotes good behavior, offers a range of imaginative activities, and ensures that children feel valued and respected. Although there may be inconsistent interaction with children and inadequate promotion of organizational skills, the nursery has an overall Good rating from Ofsted, ensuring quality teaching and personal development.
  • Little Jules Childcare

    Little Jules Childcare is a nurturing nursery located in the heart of East Midlands. Our dedicated team provides a safe and stimulating environment where children aged 0-4 can thrive. With a focus on early years education, we offer a range of activities to support development and prepare children for school readiness.
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There are 2 nurseries in Charlesworth, including 1 Day nursery.