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  • Acorn Montessori

    Acorn Montessori is a well-established nursery in Cartmel, North West. With highly qualified staff and a nurturing learning environment, children feel happy, safe, and secure. The school emphasizes positive attitude towards learning and offers regular outdoor opportunities for holistic development.
  • Holly Grange Montessori

    Holly Grange Montessori is an outstanding nursery school in Lymm, North West. With a focus on providing excellent education and personal development for children aged 0.3-5 years, it offers a nurturing and stimulating environment. Led by Wendy Allison, the school prioritizes behavior, attitudes, and leadership, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.
  • Alderley Day Nursery, Montessori

    Alderley Day Nursery, Montessori is an outstanding nursery in Nether Alderley. With a focus on high-quality teaching and learning, the nursery provides a secure and loving environment for children aged 0-5. The Montessori approach fosters independence and self-assurance, helping children develop essential life skills.
  • Wirral Montessori Nursery

    Wirral Montessori Nursery is a caring and welcoming nursery, dedicated to providing high-quality education and a secure environment for children aged 2-5. With a focus on developing social skills and fostering a love of learning, our experienced staff ensure that each child reaches their full potential.
  • Heather Grove Montessori Nursery

    Heather Grove Montessori Nursery is a high-quality daycare centre in Cuddington, offering a Montessori-based education for children aged 0-5. With dedicated and well-qualified staff, excellent partnerships with parents, and an outstanding emphasis on personal development and welfare, children thrive in this stimulating and safe environment.
  • Lsa Montessori

    Lsa Montessori is a nurturing nursery located in Saint Anne's on the Sea. Founded in 2016, it provides a Montessori education for children aged 2-4 years old. With a focus on hands-on learning and individualized instruction, Lsa Montessori offers a supportive environment that promotes independence, curiosity, and social-emotional development.
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  • Little Cedars Montessori

    Little Cedars Montessori is a warm and welcoming nursery offering a curriculum that reflects children's interests. With a focus on personal, social, and emotional development, children make good progress in a safe and secure environment. The dedicated staff build firm attachments with children, fostering a love of learning and exploration.
  • Ninas Nursery Macclesfield

    Ninas Nursery Macclesfield is a vibrant and inclusive nursery offering a range of activities and opportunities for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a clear focus on improvement, a robust support network for staff, and rigorous hygiene procedures, parents can trust that their child will receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Pear Tree Montessori Nursery Ltd

    Pear Tree Montessori Nursery Ltd is a nurturing and enriching nursery located in Trafford, North West. With a focus on practical life skills and sensory development, our experienced team provides a stimulating environment for children aged 0.6-5 years. We promote parental involvement and offer a range of extracurricular activities, including music and rhythm classes.
  • Blue Skies Montessori Nursery

    Blue Skies Montessori Nursery is a nurturing and dedicated Nursery located in Whitefield, Bury. With a focus on positive relationships with parents, regular assessments of children, and outstanding personal development, the school provides a nurturing environment for children aged 2-5 years old.
  • Stepping Stones Montessori Childcare Limited

    Stepping Stones Montessori Childcare Limited is a nurturing nursery located in Waverton, North West. With a dedicated leadership team and effective partnerships with parents, children make good progress. The school provides positive and responsive relationships, creating a supportive environment for early childhood development.
  • Kinderworld Montessori Nursery

    Kinderworld Montessori Nursery is a well-established nursery in Sefton District, North West. Founded in 1996, it offers a high-quality education for children in their early years. With a focus on following children's interests and effective safeguarding arrangements, parents can trust that their children will arrive happy, content, and supported.
  • Beacon Nursery

    Beacon Nursery is a welcoming and inclusive nursery in St. Helens. With a strong focus on supporting children from diverse backgrounds, the nursery offers a nurturing environment where children are happy and eager to learn. Led by experienced staff, Beacon Nursery provides a good quality education and promotes personal development in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
  • Atherton House School

    Atherton House School is a nursery located in Crosby, Sefton District. Founded in 2005, it provides high-quality education for children aged 0.3-5 years. With an overall rating of Good from Ofsted, the school offers a curriculum focused on each child's developmental needs. Staff are enthusiastic and motivated, and there is a strong emphasis on physical development and emerging literacy skills. Safeguarding arrangements are effective, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for children.
  • Springfield Montessori Nursery

    Springfield Montessori Nursery is an outstanding nursery located in Aughton, offering a nurturing environment for children aged 0.6-4.11 years. With inspirational leadership and management, a clear vision for excellence, and a commitment to parental involvement, Springfield Montessori Nursery ensures children's emotional well-being and provides imaginative learning experiences.
  • Chapel Grange Montessori Nursery

    Chapel Grange Montessori Nursery is a well-established nursery in Wilmslow, North West. With a dedicated manager and staff who assess children's progress, the nursery provides a well-equipped learning environment that encourages independence and language development for children aged 0.9-4.11 years.
  • Hazel Tree Montessori Nursery Limited

    Hazel Tree Montessori Nursery Limited is an outstanding nursery school located in Stockport, North West. With a strong focus on practical life skills and sensory development, children are prepared for academic success. The dedicated staff fosters creativity, problem-solving, and personal growth while encouraging parental involvement.
  • Holly Tree Montessori Nursery

    Holly Tree Montessori Nursery is an outstanding school with a clear vision and excellent leadership. With a focus on quality teaching and personal development, children are confident and eager learners. Parents benefit from regular communication with practitioners and the nursery offers a range of extracurricular activities.
  • Manchester Montessori House

    Manchester Montessori House is a bilingual English-French kindergarten that follows the widely acclaimed Montessori methodology. Our prepared environment allows children aged 3 to 6 to reach their full potential through engaging hands-on activities. We foster creativity, self-assurance, empathy, and a love for learning, making us the pinnacle of parental guidance for young children.
  • Squirrels Montessori School

    Squirrels Montessori School is a nursery in Wigan, providing a secure and nurturing environment for children aged three months to four years. With experienced staff, engaging learning opportunities, and a focus on personal development, we prioritize the wellbeing and growth of each child.