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Pound Park Nursery School
Pound Park Nursery School
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Outstanding in both last and latest inspection
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Pound Park Nursery School is a Nursery, Co-Ed Nursery located in Greater London, London.

This nursery accepts children from 2-4 years old.

Currently, the nursery has 171 students enrolled.

From the Nursery
History of Pound Park
Pound Park Nursery School is a maintained nursery school run by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Built in 1944, Pound Park was set up to cater for the children whose parents were involved in the war effort. Developed with a core value of delivering high quality early education and having qualified teachers, Pound Park continues this ethos until the present day. Pound Park established itself as a model of good practice for the education of children aged three and four years.
In 2004, Pound Park added the Up to Threes Unit as part of the Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative and we welcomed our first group of children aged 3 months to 3 years old. This service later converted to the Together for Twos programme to support vulnerable two year olds in the area.
In 2006 Pound Park, in conjunction with Sure Start Charlton, became a Children's Centre and another new building- the family room- was added.
In 2011 Pound Park Children's Centre federated with Cardwell Children's Centre and in 2013 we federated with Mulgrave Children's Centre. We ran services, in partnership with other core providers, for families and the community in Charlton and Woolwich.
In 2014, the Children's Centres separated from the main nursery school and a school's company (Central Greenwich Children's Centres) was formed to manage the four federated children's centres - Pound Park Children's Centre, Cardwell Children's Centre, Mulgrave Children's Centre and Eglinton Children's Centre.
Distinctly, and under the direction of the Governors and the Headteacher, Pound Park Nursery School and Together for Twos continues to be federated with the Together for Twos provision contained within Cardwell Children's Centre. Together we offer a high quality provision for 2, 3 and 4 year old children. We maintain a strong relationship with the local Children's Centres to enable our families to access a range of services.
In September 2015, we integrated our two year olds into the main nursery school at Pound Park. This means that our two, three and four year old children are able to learn from each other in an outstanding provision together. Cardwell Together for Twos continues to provide an outstanding provision for two year old children.
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The leadership team has worked with great determination through a challenging period for the school to maintain the quality of education

Cardwell Together for Twos Nursery is an off-site nursery provision for two-year-olds that was added to the school, which has been adapted to meet the needs of the increased numbers of full-time children

The outdoor area at Cardwell Together for Twos Nursery is small but skilfully designed with a range of natural areas and the youngest children concentrate exceptionally well as they play harmoniously with others

The provision for children with speech and language difficulties is highly effective with engaging storytelling, carefully chosen props, and special practitioners

Safeguarding is effective with fit for purpose safeguarding arrangements, well-trained and knowledgeable leaders and staff, and a strong culture of safeguarding

Parents are very happy with the partnership between school and parents, with regular sharing of 'Learning Journeys' that show children's progress and achievements, accurate information sharing in the statutory progress checks, and good support for children with special educational needs

The area for improvement identified in the previous inspection was the need for leaders and governors to check with increased precision that the nursery school is sustaining its excellence

Leaders vigilantly check that high standards are being maintained, with regular feedback and identifying of extra support or training for staff

The nursery provision works very well in partnership with parents, with regular sharing of 'Learning Journeys' that show children's progress and achievements, accurate information sharing in the statutory progress checks, and good support for children with special educational needs

Improvements needed include clearer communication of improvement priorities and stronger procedures to improve children's attendance

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