Little Seeds Montessori

Little Seeds Montessori
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Little Seeds Montessori is a Nursery, Nursery located in Hertfordshire, East of England.

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Little Seeds Montessori
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From the Little Seeds Montessori
Maria Montessori was the first female physician in Italy and a trailblazing educator with a child-centered perspective that was years ahead of her time.
The Montessori educational approach was created after many years of observing kids and the creation of several concepts and resources that would enable kids to reach their greatest potential.
She left behind an educational approach that blends a practical strategy built on a thoughtfully designed learning environment with a philosophy centred on the idea of fostering a child's independence.
She firmly felt that all kids have an innate desire to learn and that when given the correct activities at the right stage of development, they pick up knowledge effortlessly.
The child, the prepared environment, and the adult are the three main tenets of the Montessori approach.
The formative years, or age range of 0 to 6 years, are the most crucial for a child's development.
During these formative years, nature has given the child two gifts: the absorbent mind and sensitive times.
During the early years, particular sensitive times promote the absorbent mind.
Children have sensitive phases for movement, small objects, language, and components of culture (socialisation).
For example, a child may suddenly want to order his books by size or colour repeatedly to satisfy his exploration of the sensitive period for order or may ask you to read the same book ten times in a row to satisfy his sensitive period for language absorption. These are periods of intense learning and development for a child.
The preparation of the Montessori environment is based on an understanding of and respect for the way that children develop.
Each child should be given the opportunity to have freedom of movement and choice, structure and order (everything has its place and there are rules of grace and courtesy), nature and beauty (real-life paintings, plants, and natural materials), the Montessori materials, and the growth of community life (learning how to socialise, a sense of community).
The teacher's job is to watch the child's interests and needs and guide her to things that will meet those requirements.
She gives an example of how to use the tools properly.
She has received training in identifying the child's sensitive times and respecting and adjusting to them.
The Montessori environment is constantly created and prepared to accommodate the children who inhabit it as their requirements change.
However, the freedom is always constrained by rules that guarantee the children's safety in their surroundings, their sense of security from order, and their respect for their peers.
The Montessori method seeks to support each child's complete development while respecting their developmental stage and areas of interest.
with the intention of creating self-reliant, self-assured, and eager learners.
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Autumn Half Term Holidays 23rd Oct 2023 - 27th Oct 2023
Winter Holidays 21st Dec 2023 - 3rd Jan 2024
Spring Half Term Holidays 19th Feb 2024 - 23rd Feb 2024
Spring Holidays 29th Mar 2024 - 12th Apr 2024
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Spring Term-2 24th Feb 2024 - 28th Mar 2024
Summer Term 13th Apr 2024 - 26th May 2024
Summer Term-2 1st Jun 2024 - 23rd Jul 2024
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