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  • Pegasus Child Care Centre

    Pegasus Child Care Centre is a nurturing and welcoming nursery in Osgodby. With highly skilled staff and a focus on the well-being and development of each child, we ensure a positive learning experience. Our small family-like community prioritizes the welfare of children and prepares them for their educational journey.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby West Lindsey

  • Kirkby on Bain Nursery

    Kirkby on Bain Nursery is a warm and caring school, where children aged 2-5 years old thrive. With strong partnerships with parents and excellent support for children with special educational needs, it provides a nurturing environment for confident and independent learners.
  • Somercotes Stars Pre-School

    Somercotes Stars Pre-School is a nursery located in North Somercotes, East Midlands. With a dedicated and caring staff, children ages 2-5 years old are provided with a happy and engaging environment. Parents are actively involved in their child's learning, ensuring a strong partnership between home and school.
  • Seashells Nursery

    Seashells Nursery is a happy and engaging nursery located in Mablethorpe, East Midlands. Staff provide a language-rich environment, encouraging thinking skills in children aged 2-4.11 years. The nursery maintains effective partnerships with other agencies and keeps parents well-informed about their children's development.
  • Little Stars Preschool

    Little Stars Preschool is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Quadring, East Midlands. Established in 2017, we provide a safe and stimulating environment for children aged 2-5 years. With a small class size of 20, our dedicated staff focus on individualized care and early learning development, ensuring each child's unique needs are met. Join us to provide your little star with a solid foundation for their educational journey.
  • The Mulberry Bush Nursery

    The Mulberry Bush Nursery is a warm and nurturing nursery situated in Stamford, East Midlands. With a focus on strong partnerships with parents, the nursery provides effective support for children's emotional needs and offers a safe and secure environment. Staff are committed to knowing each child well and planning learning activities accordingly.