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  • Crazy 4 Kids - Thrapston

    Crazy 4 Kids - Thrapston is a nurturing nursery located in Thrapston, East Midlands. Established in 2018, our dedicated staff create a fun and safe learning environment where children can thrive. With an emphasis on play-based education, we provide age-appropriate activities to stimulate development and prepare children for their future schooling.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Thrapston

  • Ringstead Robins Cio Preschool

    Ringstead Robins Cio Preschool is a welcoming and nurturing nursery located in Ringstead, East Midlands. With a focus on personal development and providing quality education, the preschool ensures that children settle quickly and are supported by knowledgeable staff. Effective safeguarding arrangements are in place, creating a safe and secure environment for children to thrive.
  • Aldwincle Playgroup

    Aldwincle Playgroup is a well-established nursery in Aldwincle, East Midlands. With strong partnerships between parents and the school, they provide personalized care and learning experiences for children. The playgroup promotes children's wellbeing and learning, with high expectations for all. Overall, it is a good choice for nurturing your child's development.
    Aldwincle Playgroup
  • Addingtons Pre-School

    Addingtons Pre-School is a nursery located in Great Addington, East Midlands. Established in 1998, it provides a nurturing environment for children aged 2-4 years old. With highly experienced staff and a focus on early childhood development, Addingtons Pre-School offers a stimulating curriculum and promotes social, emotional, and cognitive growth.
  • Raunds Playgroup

    Raunds Playgroup is a well-established nursery in Raunds, East Midlands. With a strong focus on providing high-quality early education and care, we offer a secure and engaging environment for children. Our dedicated staff, good teaching, and wide range of activities ensure that children develop a strong sense of well-being, confidence, and personal growth.
  • Stanwick Pre-school Playgroup

    Stanwick Pre-school Playgroup is a nurturing nursery located in Stanwick, East Midlands. With highly skilled and caring staff, children feel secure and develop strong relationships. The engaging curriculum fosters growth, independence, and learning through play. It's the perfect environment for your child to thrive.
  • Acorn at Stanwick

    Acorn at Stanwick is an outstanding nursery school in Stanwick, East Midlands. With a strong focus on developing loving relationships and nurturing social and emotional wellness, the school provides individualized care and education for children aged 0.4-4 years. The school's holistic approach, outdoor learning opportunities, and commitment to staff and student welfare make it a top choice for parents.
    Acorn at Stanwick
  • Little Ducklings Pre-School (Barnwell)

    Little Ducklings Pre-School (Barnwell) is a well-established nursery located at The Princess Alice Centre in Barnwell, East Midlands. Founded in 2012, our nurturing environment caters to children aged 2-5 years. With a school size of 40, we provide individual attention and a focus on early childhood education. Our dedicated staff create a safe and supportive setting for your child's development.
  • Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough

    Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough is an outstanding nursery in East Midlands, providing a play-based learning environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a focus on love, laughter, and learning, we aim to equip children with key life skills, preparing them for the next stage of their education.
    Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough
  • Favours Day Nursery Limited

    Favours Day Nursery Limited is a nursery school located in Irthlingborough, East Midlands. Established in 2016, the nursery provides a safe and happy environment for children to learn and develop. With a positive and inclusive approach, individual needs are met effectively, encouraging children to be independent and eager to learn.
  • Broughton Under Fives Association

    Broughton Under Fives Association is an outstanding nursery in Broughton, East Midlands. With highly skilled staff, effective supervision and safety measures, and excellent partnerships with parents and other providers, we provide a safe and joyful learning environment for children to develop their social, emotional, and academic skills.
  • Happy Hands Childcare

    Happy Hands Childcare is a purpose-built nursery located in Barton Seagrave, East Midlands. With a focus on child-led learning and strong partnerships with parents, our facility provides a safe and secure environment where children's individual needs are met. Our qualified and caring staff ensure that each child receives high-quality care and instruction, fostering their emotional, physical, and developmental growth.
  • Busy Bees Pre-School Playgroup

    Busy Bees Pre-School Playgroup is a well-established nursery located in Wollaston, East Midlands. With an outstanding track record and a good Ofsted rating, our dedicated staff provide a nurturing environment where children actively participate in a wide range of activities. We prioritize the individual needs of every child and offer government-funded hours or private enrollment options. Visit us to experience our exceptional setting firsthand.
  • JAK'S Playgroup

    JAK'S Playgroup is a loving and caring nursery in Irthlingborough, East Midlands. We offer financing options for children aged 2-4, providing a Christian-based learning experience that embraces diversity and individuality. With over 15 years of experience, our dedicated staff ensures your child's growth and development. Join us for a rewarding educational journey.
  • Lask At Hayfield Cross

    Lask At Hayfield Cross is a nursery located at Hayfield Crescent, Cranford. Founded in 2018, it offers a nurturing environment for early years education. With a Met rating from Ofsted, parents can trust in the school's commitment to their child's development and well-being.
  • LASK childcare

    LASK childcare is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Higham Ferrers, East Midlands. Founded in 2021, our dedicated team provides a high-quality education and care for children aged 2 to 4 years. We offer a safe and stimulating environment where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • St Michael's Playgroup

    St Michael's Playgroup is a nursery located in Finedon, East Midlands. With a focus on independence and resilience, children are encouraged to choose their activities and explore the outdoor play area. The school has been rated as 'Good' in all aspects by Ofsted, ensuring a quality education and effective safeguarding.
  • Sunshine Pre-School

    Sunshine Pre-School is a nurturing and safe nursery located in Burton Latimer, East Midlands. With a focus on developing children's love for stories and books, our dedicated staff create engaging learning opportunities. We prioritize safeguarding, ensuring your child's safety. While we strive to support every child's learning, we continuously work on improving our approach to meet individual needs.
  • Abeona Warkton

    Abeona Warkton is a nursery in Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire, offering high-quality childcare for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a good overall rating from Ofsted, the nursery provides a nurturing environment where children can learn and develop through a combination of indoor and outdoor activities.
    Abeona Warkton
  • Apple Tree Day Nurseries (Burton Latimer) Ltd

    Apple Tree Day Nurseries (Burton Latimer) Ltd is a nursery located in Burton Latimer, East Midlands. With a focus on providing a happy and supportive environment, children at the nursery develop independence skills and have great relationships with staff. The nursery also excels in identifying and supporting children with special educational needs. Overall, Apple Tree Day Nurseries (Burton Latimer) Ltd offers a high-quality education for children ages 0.3-5 years.
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