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  • Potterspury Pre-School

    Potterspury Pre-School provides a nurturing and joyful atmosphere for children aged 2-4 years. Our experienced staff promote positive attitudes towards learning and offer stimulating activities tailored to each child's interests and needs. With a good Ofsted rating, parents trust our friendly and caring environment for their little ones.
    Potterspury Pre-School
  • Greenacres Day Nursery

    Greenacres Day Nursery is a caring and attentive nursery located in Potterspury, East Midlands. With a dedicated team of staff, they provide tailored settling-in procedures and effective planning to ensure good progress for all children. They also value partnerships with parents and promote communication and language skills.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Potterspury

  • Yardley Gobion Children's Club

    Yardley Gobion Children's Club is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located within Yardley Gobion C Of E Primary School. Founded in 2019, our dedicated team provides a stimulating environment that promotes early learning and development for children. We prioritize individualized care, ensuring each child's unique needs are met.
  • Schools Out Yardley Gobion

    Schools Out Yardley Gobion is a trusted nursery in Yardley Gobion, East Midlands. With professionally trained staff and a variety of activities, we provide a safe and fun environment for children aged 4 to 14. Offering flexible childcare options and exciting excursions, we ensure your child's happiness and well-being.
  • Yardley Gobion Children's Club

    Yardley Gobion Children's Club is a nurturing nursery located in the heart of Yardley Gobion. Established in 2016, we provide a safe and supportive environment where your child can thrive. Our experienced staff and engaging activities ensure that every child receives the best start to their educational journey.
  • Yardley Gobion Pre-School

    Yardley Gobion Pre-School is a nurturing and engaging environment where children have equal opportunities to learn and grow. With a skilled staff team, accurate self-evaluation, and a wealth of activities, we ensure your child's personal development, behavior, and welfare are excellent. Come join our ambitious and supportive community!
    Yardley Gobion Pre-School
  • Old Stratford Pre School

    Old Stratford Pre School is a community preschool providing high-quality care and education for children under the legal school age. With an emphasis on supporting emotional well-being and closing learning gaps, our attentive and efficient staff ensure all children make good progress in learning and development.
  • Deanshanger Village Pre-School

    Deanshanger Village Pre-School is a well-established nursery founded in 2008. With a focus on continuous improvement, the school provides a safe and positive environment for children. The management and staff work collaboratively to ensure consistently good teaching, resulting in good outcomes for children's personal development and welfare.
  • Willow Tree Pre School

    Willow Tree Pre School is a warm and welcoming nursery located in Deanshanger, East Midlands. With a good Ofsted rating, the nursery provides stimulating activities, strong partnerships with parents, and supports children's emotional well-being. Children make good progress and enjoy their time in this nurturing environment.
    Willow Tree Pre School
  • Paulerspury Pre-School

    Paulerspury Pre-School provides a safe and welcoming environment where children can develop their full potential. With high-quality care and child-centered activities, parents can be actively involved in their child's development. The preschool also offers funding options and transparent communication regarding fees.
    Paulerspury Pre-School
  • Pury Play Club

    Pury Play Club is a nursery located at The Mobile Paulerspury Primary School in Paulerspury, East Midlands. Founded in 2017, it provides a nurturing environment for children in their early years of education. The school has been rated as 'Met' by Ofsted, ensuring high overall effectiveness.
    Pury Play Club
  • Akeley Wood Nursery

    Akeley Wood Nursery is a well-established nursery located in Wicken, East Midlands. With a dedicated and qualified staff, the nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment for children aged 1-4.11 years. The nursery focuses on individual child development and ensures children make good progress. The school also places importance on partnership with parents to support each child's learning journey.
    Akeley Wood Nursery
  • Hartwell Pre-School Playgroup

    Hartwell Pre-School Playgroup is a nursery providing a safe and secure environment for children in Hartwell, East Midlands. Despite some areas needing improvement, the school focuses on building strong bonds with children, offering access to an outdoor area for interactive learning.
  • Happy Hols Ltd

    Happy Hols Ltd is a nursery located at Hartwell C of E Primary School in Hartwell, East Midlands. Established in 2012, it provides a nurturing environment for children in their early years. The school has met the standards set by Ofsted, ensuring quality education and care for children.
  • Bumble Bees Pre-School

    Bumble Bees Pre-School is a safe and secure nursery, providing care for children in Roade, East Midlands. With a focus on developing independence and problem-solving skills, the dedicated staff support children's learning. Although improvements are needed in teaching methods and learning resources, parents appreciate the care their children receive.
  • Roade Day Nursery

    Roade Day Nursery is a reputable nursery in Roade, East Midlands. With experienced and enthusiastic staff, children settle quickly and are happy to learn. The nursery offers high-quality teaching with engaging activities and strong partnerships with parents. Continuous evaluation by the manager ensures a positive learning environment for children aged 0-5 years.
  • Towcester Tots Day Nursery Ltd

    Towcester Tots Day Nursery Ltd is a warm and inviting nursery located in Towcester, East Midlands. With a focus on expert knowledge, stimulating environments, and tailored care, we provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for children. Our dedicated team and strong partnerships with parents ensure that every child's needs are met.
    Towcester Tots Day Nursery Ltd
  • KidsStop

    KidsStop is a nurturing and engaging nursery in Towcester, East Midlands. We provide a cosy and laid-back environment where children can explore, develop lifelong skills, and build friendships. Our dedicated staff are passionate about fostering growth and offering stimulating learning opportunities. Trust us to create a positive and enriching experience for your child.
  • KidsStop

    KidsStop is a nurturing and stimulating nursery that lays the groundwork for your child's success. With a focus on communication skills, social development, and confidence-building, our cosy environment encourages discovery and curiosity. Our experienced staff provide before- and after-school care, offering a wide range of activities and fostering friendships. With access to our own Forest School, children explore natural settings and develop life skills. Trust in KidsStop for flexible, high-quality daycare since 2007.
  • Tiny Tows Pre School

    Tiny Tows Pre School is a well-established nursery in Towcester, East Midlands. With a strong focus on building caring relationships and supporting children's development, the school offers a nurturing environment. The staff promote language and communication skills, as well as mathematical abilities. With effective safeguarding measures in place, parents can trust that their children are in safe hands.
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There are 2 nurseries in Potterspury, including 1 Day nursery.