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  • Westfield Nursery School

    Westfield Nursery School is a local authority nursery school located in Dunstable, East of England. With an age range of 2-5 years, our co-ed school provides a nurturing environment for children to develop their abilities and grow. Led by Mrs Elizabeth Collins, our dedicated staff focuses on personal development and promoting good behavior and attitudes. Although our previous inspection grade was outstanding, we are continuously striving for improvement to ensure the highest quality of education for our students.
  • Willow Nursery School

    Willow Nursery School is an outstanding local authority nursery school located in Dunstable, East of England. With a focus on individualized education, this co-ed school provides a high-quality learning environment for children aged 2-5 years. With exceptional leadership and teaching, the school ensures the achievement and safety of all pupils.
  • Aristotots Nursery School (LB)

    Aristotots Nursery School (LB) is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Leighton-Linslade. With a Good rating from Ofsted, the school prioritizes children's happiness and development. Staff support communication skills and encourage a love for reading. Parents appreciate the effective safeguarding measures and strong partnerships.
    Aristotots Nursery School (LB)
  • Flitwick Day Nursery

    Flitwick Day Nursery is a well-established nursery in Flitwick, East of England. With a strong focus on individuality and a caring environment, children enjoy attending and parents are very happy with the nursery. The staff are sensitive to the effects of COVID-19 and provide thoughtful practices to help children develop their physical skills and understand their community.
    Flitwick Day Nursery
  • Fordfield Nursery Ltd Ruxox House

    Fordfield Nursery Ltd Ruxox House is an outstanding nursery in Flitwick, East of England. With a dedicated and ambitious management team, the nursery offers exceptional provision for children aged 0-5 years. Parents feel welcome and supported, while children benefit from interesting activities promoting learning and development.
  • Kumon Leighton Buzzard Central

    Kumon Leighton Buzzard Central is a nursery that supports every child in reaching their full potential and developing a love for learning. With a focus on individualized learning and self-learning skills, students progress at their own pace and gain confidence and success in their studies.
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  • Smilers Nursery Ltd

    Smilers Nursery Ltd is a nurturing and educational school located in Sandy, East of England. With a focus on parent partnership and involvement, our enthusiastic staff serve as positive role models for children. We strive to prepare kids for school and foster their growth as active members of their families and communities.
    Smilers Nursery Ltd
  • Jack Collison Soccer School

    Jack Collison Soccer School is a premier soccer school located at Robert Bloomfield Academy in Shefford. Founded in 2020, our nursery program offers a supportive and inclusive environment for children to develop their soccer skills. With experienced coaches and a focus on individual growth, we provide a top-quality education in both academics and athletics.
  • Kidz Zone Club

    Kidz Zone Club is a high-quality, Ofsted-registered activity club for primary school-aged children. We offer before and after-school clubs and vacation clubs focused on physical and creative activities. Our dedicated and qualified staff provide a wide range of daily sports, arts, and themed activities, ensuring there is something for everyone. Parents trust us to provide a fun and engaging environment for their children.
    Kidz Zone Club
  • The Future Games

    The Future Games is a nursery located at Cedars Upper School in Leighton-Linslade. Founded in 2017, it provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 3-4 years. With a focus on play-based learning, our dedicated staff ensure each child's individual needs are met to promote their development and prepare them for future education.
    The Future Games
  • Saxon Sam's Creche

    Saxon Sam's Creche is a nurturing nursery located in the heart of Biggleswade. Established in 2006, our passionate and experienced staff provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to grow and learn. With a focus on engaging activities and personalized care, we prioritize the well-being and development of each child.
  • Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Astwick

    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Astwick provides a safe and engaging learning environment for children aged 0.3 to 5 years. With caring staff, a broad range of activities, and effective safeguarding measures, children develop strong relationships and have fun while learning. Located in a picturesque rural area, the nursery offers regular excursions to support education and environmental awareness.
    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Astwick
  • Marston Vale Forest School

    Marston Vale Forest School is a nursery located in Cranfield, East of England. Established in 2021, it offers a unique learning environment focused on outdoor education and nature-based activities. With a strong emphasis on child-led learning and exploration, the school aims to foster a love for nature, independence, and social skills in young children.
    Marston Vale Forest School
  • Busy Bees At Biggleswade

    Busy Bees At Biggleswade is a nursery that provides high-quality childcare and engaging learning opportunities for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a strong focus on safety and personal development, children feel safe and secure while receiving an excellent education. Partnerships with parents are prioritized, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for all.
    Busy Bees At Biggleswade
  • Heath Barn Preschool

    Heath Barn Preschool is a welcoming and safe nursery in Heath and Reach. With a focus on play-based learning, dedicated staff provide appropriate support and engaging activities for children. Our goal is to foster independence and prepare children for kindergarten.
  • Meppershall Preschool

    Meppershall Preschool is a safe and welcoming nursery that provides a loving atmosphere for children to grow and develop their full potential. With experienced staff, robust safeguarding arrangements, and a focus on speech and language skills, children receive varied learning opportunities in a warm and inviting environment.
  • Treetops Stotfold

    Treetops Stotfold is a nursery in Stotfold, East of England, providing high-quality childcare and engaging learning opportunities for children aged 0.3-5.11 years. With a good Ofsted rating, the nursery promotes independence, positive self-esteem, and social skills while ensuring a safe and caring environment for every child.
    Treetops Stotfold
  • Ladybird Forest Pre-School Ampthill

    Ladybird Forest Pre-School Ampthill is an outstanding nursery that offers a happy and nurturing environment for children. With well-qualified staff and excellent partnerships with parents, the school provides a fun and secure learning experience. Daily forest-school sessions enhance children's understanding of nature and promote their overall development.
  • Tilsworth Montessori School

    Tilsworth Montessori School provides a nurturing and balanced learning environment for children aged 0-5. With a focus on personal development, the school promotes independence, mindfulness, and effective communication skills. Their comprehensive staff training ensures high-quality teaching, leading to good outcomes for children.
  • Cleverkidz

    Cleverkidz is a nursery located in Houghton Regis, East of England. With a focus on providing a safe and secure environment, the school is committed to continuous improvement. Although the school requires improvement in some areas, the provider and manager are actively working towards enhancing the curriculum and ensuring a high quality of education for children aged 0-8 years.
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There are 128 nurseries in Central Bedfordshire, including 25 Day nurseries & 1 Nursery school.