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Montessori Nurseries in Newark and Sherwood

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  • Staunton Montessori Nursery School

    Staunton Montessori Nursery School is an outstanding educational institution founded in 2012. With a strong focus on quality education, the school excels in promoting positive behavior, personal development, and effective leadership. The dedicated team of experienced educators ensures a smooth transition for toddlers into the nursery setting.
    Staunton Montessori Nursery School
  • Cherubs Edwinstowe

    Cherubs Edwinstowe is a well-resourced and nurturing nursery located in Edwinstowe, East Midlands. With a strong emphasis on outdoor learning and excellent partnerships with parents, it provides a safe and supportive environment for children aged 0.1-5 years. The dedicated staff, led by Manager Sarah Hickling, ensure a good quality of education and facilitate personal development. Overall, Cherubs Edwinstowe offers a positive and enriching experience for young learners.
    Cherubs Edwinstowe

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Newark and Sherwood

  • Cherubs Kimberley

    Cherubs Kimberley is an outstanding nursery school in Kimberley, East Midlands. With a highly qualified and experienced team, they provide personalised learning and development experiences for children aged 0.1-5 years. Their exceptional care, constant monitoring of educational programmes, and successful relationships with parents make Cherubs Kimberley the ideal choice for your child's early education.
    Cherubs Kimberley