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  • Cavendish Lodge Nursery School

    Cavendish Lodge Nursery School is a safe and stimulating environment offering top-notch daycare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers up to five years old. With strong bonds formed between babies and practitioners, good hygiene procedures, and a balanced curriculum, your child will thrive in this nurturing nursery.
  • Ashton House Nursery

    Ashton House Nursery is an outstanding outdoor childcare provider in Ashton Hayes. With a focus on nature and outdoor learning, children are given the opportunity to engage with their surroundings, build resilience, and develop strong character traits. Forest school lessons and a supportive staff help children thrive and create unforgettable memories.
  • Giant Leap Childcare and Learning Centre

    Giant Leap Childcare and Learning Centre is a well-established nursery in Burnley, providing high-quality education and care for children aged 0-11. With a focus on child happiness and exploration, it offers effective support for children with special educational needs and has robust safeguarding arrangements. The nursery has received a good rating from Ofsted, with outstanding previous inspection results. Parents appreciate the courteous and professional staff, excellent care and support, and the wide range of activities available for their children.
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  • The Rainbow Centre (Marham)

    The Rainbow Centre (Marham) is an outstanding nursery in Marham, East of England. With a positive culture, high expectations, and a stimulating learning environment, we provide excellent care, education, and support for children aged 0.3-12 years. Our exceptional staff build close bonds and ensure each child's unique needs are met.
  • Reflections Nursery

    Reflections Nursery is a loving, caring, and supportive nursery located in Worthing. With a strong emphasis on individual and emotional needs, experienced staff provide a diverse range of activities including Forest School. Despite being more expensive, the exceptional care and attention make it worth the cost.
  • Bright Horizons Clapham Day Nursery and Preschool

    Bright Horizons Clapham Day Nursery and Preschool is a well-established nursery in Clapham, London. With a good Ofsted rating, the nursery offers a wide range of activities to keep children motivated and helps them develop healthy lifestyles. Parents are pleased with the quality of the setting and the close relationships formed with staff.
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  • Pennies at Newnham Court

    Pennies at Newnham Court is a well-established nursery in South East England, offering high-quality childcare and education for children aged 0.3-11 years. With a focus on creating happy and settled environments, the dedicated staff build secure relationships with children and maintain positive partnerships with parents. The nursery's commitment to safeguarding and supporting communication skills ensures a nurturing learning experience for all children.
  • Clever Clogs Day Nursery

    Clever Clogs Day Nursery is an outstanding nursery in Belmont, North East. With a highly active and inspiring management team, expert planning of activities for individual key children, and exceptional support for children to catch up quickly, we provide a nurturing and educational environment for children aged 0.2-11 years.
  • Torwood House Nursery School

    Torwood House Nursery School is an outstanding nursery in Redland, Bristol. With a strong focus on individual needs, children are prepared exceptionally well for the next stage of their education. The dedicated staff create exciting and stimulating environments, encouraging imagination and physical development. They work closely with parents to ensure the best care and learning for each child.
  • Kids Allowed Macclesfield

    Kids Allowed Macclesfield is an outstanding nursery located in North West, Macclesfield. Founded in 2020, it offers exceptional education and care for children aged 0-11 years. With a dedicated and experienced headteacher, the nursery ensures outstanding overall effectiveness, quality of education, behavior and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management. The school is part of the renowned Kids Planet network, known for its commitment to excellence in early childhood education.
  • Nature Trails

    Nature Trails is a nursery in Cawston, West Midlands, offering a good quality education for children aged 0.6-5 years. With a well-designed curriculum and skilled staff, children engage in a variety of activities and develop strong relationships. The vast outdoor spaces and focus on communication and language make learning fun and enjoyable.
  • Polkadot Childcare

    Polkadot Childcare is a well-established nursery in Pershore, West Midlands, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a dedicated and caring staff team, the nursery focuses on promoting independence, building strong bonds, and developing essential skills. The manager's high expectations, well-sequenced curriculum, and emphasis on language, literacy, and mathematics ensure that children receive a good quality education.
  • Madresfield Early Years Centre

    Madresfield Early Years Centre is an outstanding nursery that provides a special educational experience for children aged 0.2-5 years. With a prestigious reputation and exceptional care, this rural Malvern school offers thoughtfully renovated facilities, beautiful gardens, and qualified staff committed to delivering the highest quality nursery education.
  • Busy Bees (Durham) Ltd

    Busy Bees (Durham) Ltd is an outstanding nursery in Durham that provides a dynamic and nurturing environment for children aged 0-8 years. With a focus on love, warmth, and security, the nursery offers high-quality teaching, stimulating outdoor learning experiences, and excellent partnerships with parents. The staff is well-trained and informed, ensuring the personal development, behavior, and welfare of every child. Settling in is made easy through effective gathering of information from parents. Overall, Busy Bees (Durham) Ltd is committed to providing a positive and enriching educational experience for young children.
  • Kids Allowed Christie Fields

    Kids Allowed Christie Fields is a nursery in Manchester, offering a safe and nurturing environment for children aged 0-11. With a focus on children's well-being and development, the nursery provides outstanding support and care. It has been praised for its effective safeguarding arrangements and highly motivated children who enjoy their learning and play.
  • Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre

    Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre is an outstanding nursery in Leeds, offering exceptional leadership and inspiring teaching. With engaging outdoor spaces and inclusive practices for children with SEN, our centre provides a loving and safe environment for children aged 0.3-5 years to explore, learn, and grow.
  • Chiltern Nursery

    Chiltern Nursery is a well-established and highly regarded nursery in Reading. With excellent staff-to-child ratios, a child-led approach, and a focus on healthy eating, we provide a secure and engaging environment for children aged 0.3-5.3 years. Our good Ofsted rating reflects our strong leadership, quality teaching, and positive outcomes for children.
  • Sweet Peas Day Care & Teaching Nurseries Ltd

    Sweet Peas Day Care & Teaching Nurseries Ltd is a well-established nursery in Garforth, Leeds. With a focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment, dedicated teachers ensure children feel secure and make progress in their learning and development. The nursery has a strong partnership with parents and a thorough induction process. Overall, it offers a positive and enjoyable experience for children.
  • Kids Allowed Cheadle Royal

    Kids Allowed Cheadle Royal is an outstanding nursery located in Stockport, North West. With a dedicated headteacher and a focus on personal development and quality education, parents can trust their children's care and education in this nurturing environment.
  • Kids Allowed Stockport

    Kids Allowed Stockport is a Good-rated nursery with a strong focus on the safety and happiness of children. The school provides excellent support for children with special educational needs and values partnerships with parents. Children are motivated learners in this nurturing and effective learning environment.
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