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  • Merry Poppets Nursery Ltd

    Merry Poppets Nursery Ltd is a well-established nursery located in Campton and Chicksands, East of England. With a strong focus on partnership with parents, the nursery provides high-quality care and effective teaching. Children are engaged in activities that support their physical development while the key-person system ensures individual attention. Although there are areas to improve, the nursery has consistently achieved good ratings in inspections.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Campton and Chicksands

  • Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery is a well-established nursery located in Shefford, East of England. With a dedicated and experienced staff, they invest time in understanding each child's needs and interests. The nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can develop their skills and reach their full potential.
    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery
  • Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks

    Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks is a reputable nursery in Shefford, East of England. With a focus on children's safety and well-being, the nursery provides high-quality early childhood education and wraparound care for children ages 2 to 5. Accredited by Millie's Mark and supported by the Early Years Alliance, parents can trust in the professionalism and positive feedback from current parents.
    Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks
  • Shefford Dawn Until Dusk

    Shefford Dawn Until Dusk is a nursery located in Shefford, East of England. Established in 2017, the nursery offers high-quality childcare services for children in their early years. With a focus on convenience, parents can easily pay for childcare through various payment options. The nursery has a met overall effectiveness rating from Ofsted, ensuring a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.
  • Jack Collison Soccer School

    Jack Collison Soccer School is a premier soccer school located at Robert Bloomfield Academy in Shefford. Founded in 2020, our nursery program offers a supportive and inclusive environment for children to develop their soccer skills. With experienced coaches and a focus on individual growth, we provide a top-quality education in both academics and athletics.
  • Meppershall Preschool

    Meppershall Preschool is a safe and welcoming nursery that provides a loving atmosphere for children to grow and develop their full potential. With experienced staff, robust safeguarding arrangements, and a focus on speech and language skills, children receive varied learning opportunities in a warm and inviting environment.
  • Gravenhurst and Villages Pre-School

    Gravenhurst and Villages Pre-School is an outstanding nursery located in Gravenhurst, East of England. With a focus on providing a supportive and inspiring environment, the school aims to nurture resilience, independence, confidence, and self-worth. The school boasts excellent leadership and management, as recognized by Ofsted.
  • Best Nursery (Shefford)

    Best Nursery (Shefford) is a Good-rated nursery in Shefford. With a positive and nurturing environment, children respond well to staff's high expectations. The nursery focuses on developing practical knowledge of healthy lifestyles and safety. Parents highly appreciate the effective safeguarding arrangements in place.
  • Clophill Pre School

    Clophill Pre School is an outstanding nursery located in Clophill, East of England. With a focus on individuality and nature-based learning, our experienced staff nurture children's curiosity and creativity. Our exceptional OFSTED rating reflects our commitment to high-quality teaching, personal development, and positive outcomes for children.
  • Dawn until Dusk Ltd at Haynes Lower School

    Dawn until Dusk Ltd at Haynes Lower School is a nursery located at Haynes Lower School in Haynes, East of England. With a strong emphasis on quality education and care, this nursery has been providing an outstanding learning environment since its establishment in 2014. It offers a range of activities and services to support children's development and ensure their well-being.
  • Puddleducks Nursery

    Puddleducks Nursery is a reputable preschool in Silsoe, East of England. With a dedicated team and effective safeguarding arrangements, children develop confidence and communication skills in a nurturing environment. Offering engaging activities and personalized attention, we support children's growth and imagination. Join us for an exceptional early learning experience.
    Puddleducks Nursery
  • Woodlands

    Woodlands Nursery is a reputable school founded in 2008, located in Clifton, East of England. With a focus on the holistic development of children, the school offers a nurturing environment where observations and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are used to track progress. The transition report ensures a smooth transfer to a child's new school.
  • Stondon Stompers Pre-school

    Stondon Stompers Pre-school is an outstanding nursery in Stondon, East of England. Founded in 1992, it offers a high-quality education and promotes excellent behaviour and attitudes. With outstanding leadership and management, parents can trust their child's personal development at this exceptional school.
    Stondon Stompers Pre-school
  • Merry Poppets Nursery

    Merry Poppets Nursery is a caring and supportive school that prioritizes the happiness and development of children. With highly trained and nurturing staff, children are encouraged to become independent learners and develop positive attitudes towards education. The nursery places a strong emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyles and maintains effective partnerships with parents to ensure the well-being of every child.
  • Silsoe Pre-School

    Silsoe Pre-School is an outstanding nursery located in Silsoe, East of England. With exceptional staff supervision and a positive learning environment, children thrive and make excellent progress. The school values partnerships with parents and focuses on emotional development and social skills. Overall, Silsoe Pre-School provides the best care and support for children's early education.
  • Splat Holiday Club Henlow

    Splat Holiday Club Henlow is a nursery based in Henlow, East of England. Founded in 2019, it provides a nurturing and engaging environment for young children. With a focus on play-based learning, the club offers a range of fun activities during school holidays. Parents can trust this inclusive and sensory-rich setting for their child's early years education.
  • Henlow Premier Holiday Camp

    Henlow Premier Holiday Camp is a nursery located in Henlow, East of England. Established in 2019, it offers high-quality education and care for children in their early years. With a focus on providing a safe and enjoyable environment, the nursery ensures that children have a memorable holiday experience while nurturing their social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Dawn until Dusk Maulden Church Hall

    Dawn until Dusk Maulden Church Hall is a welcoming school in Maulden, offering nursery education for children. With a fully functional kitchen, handicapped access, and comfortable seating for up to 70 individuals, the hall is also available for events and retreats. Contact us for more information.
  • Dawn Until Dusk Ltd

    Dawn Until Dusk Ltd is an outstanding nursery located in Maulden, East of England. With highly positive and caring staff, children thrive in a nurturing environment. The provision offers exciting play opportunities and excellent communication with parents, ensuring the best outcomes for children.
  • Owlets Preschool

    Owlets Preschool is a nurturing and supportive nursery in Langford, East of England. With a strong focus on individualized care and development, our dedicated staff provide excellent support for children with special educational needs. Parents highly praise our key-person system and effective teaching methods.
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