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  • Barby Preschool

    Barby Preschool is a committee-run preschool located in Barby, East Midlands. We offer high-quality care and education for children aged 2 to 5, focusing on their healthy growth and development through play. Our dedicated team collaborates with parents, the community, and other organizations to ensure the safety, well-being, and individual needs of each child are met.

Preschools & Nurseries Nearby Barby

  • Kilsby Pre-School

    Kilsby Pre-School is a nurturing and inclusive nursery located in Kilsby, East Midlands. With a focus on preparing children for school, the dedicated staff build supportive relationships and promote excellent communication skills. Offering unstructured play and individualized learning, children thrive in a diverse and vibrant environment.
  • Braunston Preschool

    Braunston Preschool offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for children aged 2 to 4. With dedicated staff and a focus on equal opportunities, we provide the best start in life for every child. Call 01788 891891 or email [email protected] to learn more.
    Braunston Preschool
  • Crick Pre-School

    Crick Pre-School is a high-quality early education and childcare provider located at Crick CP School. With experienced and caring staff, we offer a seamless transition to primary school and provide funded early education for eligible children. Our focus is on building positive friendships, promoting learning through art activities, and supporting children's personal development. We have a strong partnership with parents and prioritize effective communication. Our commitment to safeguarding ensures a safe and nurturing environment for all children.
  • Busy Bees Day Nursery at Daventry

    Busy Bees Day Nursery at Daventry offers high-quality childcare and engaging learning opportunities for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a dedicated manager and staff, effective safety measures, and a wealth of toys and resources, children receive a head start on school preparation in a nurturing environment.
    Busy Bees Day Nursery at Daventry
  • Yelvertoft Pre-School

    Yelvertoft Pre-School is a well-established nursery located in Yelvertoft, East Midlands. With a focus on meeting children's individual needs, the dedicated staff create a tailored learning environment. Strong partnerships with parents, effective safeguarding measures, and a commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles make it an excellent choice for early childhood education.
  • Dolphin Day Nursery

    Dolphin Day Nursery is a well-established nursery based in Daventry. With a strong focus on safety and wellbeing, our experienced staff provide a stimulating environment and work closely with parents to support children's emotional development. Offering childcare for children aged 0.3-11 years, Dolphin Day Nursery ensures a smooth transition and promotes a positive learning experience for all.
  • Giggles Pre-School

    Giggles Pre-School is a nurturing and inclusive nursery in Daventry. With a curriculum tailored to children's interests, dedicated staff provide a high-quality education. Parents appreciate regular updates and the focus on care, compassion, and healthy lifestyles. A warm and welcoming environment for your child's early years.
  • Cherry Blossom Day Nursery

    Cherry Blossom Day Nursery is an outstanding nursery located in Daventry, East Midlands. With a focus on providing exceptional education and personal development for children aged 0-5, our dedicated staff create a nurturing and stimulating environment. Trust us to provide the highest quality care for your child.
  • Hickory House Day Nursery Limited

    Hickory House Day Nursery Limited is a well-established nursery in Daventry, East Midlands. Founded in 1996, the nursery provides a positive and inclusive learning environment for children aged 0.3-5 years. With a good Ofsted rating, skilled staff, effective communication strategies, and successful partnerships with parents and agencies, Hickory House offers an enriching experience for children's development.
  • Little Uns Daycare

    Little Uns Daycare is a nurturing nursery located in Daventry, East Midlands. With a gentle and caring approach, the school provides effective management and development for children aged 0.3-8 years. The school promotes positive behavior management and focuses on personal development, welfare, and outcomes for children.
  • Acorns

    Acorns Nursery at The Grange School provides an inclusive and nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes, respect for others, and a love for learning. With high standards for social and intellectual development, our dedicated staff ensures that every child receives the best possible care and education.
  • Messy Hands

    Messy Hands is a nursery in Daventry, East Midlands. With a strong emphasis on effective management and a supportive staff team, they provide good-quality teaching and care for children aged 2-5 years. Children at Messy Hands make progress, enjoy positive play experiences, and benefit from a reflective approach to learning.
  • Buzzie Beas Ltd

    Buzzie Beas Ltd is a nursery located at West Haddon Endowed Primary School. Established in 2014, it offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children during their crucial early years. With a focus on child development and learning through play, Buzzie Beas Ltd provides a supportive setting for children to grow and thrive.
  • School Wrap Ltd

    School Wrap Ltd is a nursery located in Long Buckby, East Midlands. Founded in 2019, the school follows the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF), focusing on quality of education and free-play environment. Children are encouraged to lead their own play and develop skills at their own pace.
  • Long Buckby Pre School

    Long Buckby Pre School is a well-established nursery located in Long Buckby, East Midlands. With highly effective partnership working, children are well prepared for starting school. The school promotes children's speaking skills and vocabulary development effectively, and children have a positive attitude towards their activities and learning.
    Long Buckby Pre School
  • Staverton Kids Club

    Staverton Kids Club provides loving and high-quality childcare for children during school breaks. Located in the Staverton Primary School grounds, we offer a welcoming environment and a wide range of activities for kids to enjoy. Visit our website for more information.
    Staverton Kids Club
  • Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool

    Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool is a high-quality childcare facility dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. With a focus on promoting independence, positive relationships, and emotional development, our experienced staff ensure that children are engaged in a variety of activities while maintaining effective safeguarding arrangements.
  • Clarecroft Day Nursery

    Clarecroft Day Nursery is a highly-rated nursery in Long Buckby. With a dedicated and highly qualified staff, children are provided with a nurturing and stimulating environment. Strong links with the local school and regular updates to parents ensure children develop the confidence and skills needed for school.
    Clarecroft Day Nursery
  • Caring Kindergartens

    Caring Kindergartens is a nursery in Daventry, East Midlands that has been providing high-quality childcare since 1998. With a focus on safety and a skilled staff, children learn and thrive in a caring environment. Offering government funding and flexible sessions, it's a trusted choice for parents.
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